What is the purpose of the Salvation Army?

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    The Salvation Army is a religious organization as well as a popular charity that often refers to itself as The Army. It runs programs around the world and helps people regardless of their faith. The Army expects all employees and church members to abstain from using alcohol, tobacco, and illegal substances. The Salvation Army's stated purpose is helping people thrive and achieve goals, and for those who choose to do so, live a spiritual life as a member of The Army.

    The Salvation Army provides programs to communities around the globe, including drug and alcohol rehabilitation programs, Christmas giving, youth programs, services to the elderly,disaster relief and missing persons programs. There are also recreation and music programs available for enrichment. These programs are funded through donations of cash, vehicles and profits from the well know Salvation Army Thrift Stores.

    Note: In 2009, consulting firm Cone ranked the leading 100 nonprofit brands and ranked The Salvation Army in second place behind the Y.M.C.A. The report also noted that The Salvation Army was the most familiar nonprofit among all Americans.

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    The Salvation Army is a denomination of Protestantism dedicated to doing good works.

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    to help those in need?

    Provide them with food, water and clothing?

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