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Anatomy help? (?s about succinylcholine, acetylcholine, & muscle contraction/relxation)?

1. Explain how succinylcholine interferes with the process of the normal sequence of events which lead to muscle contraction.

2. What normally prevents acetylcholine (Ach) from accumulating in the neuromuscular junction and causing a sustained contraction?

3. Explain how the poison curare works within the neuromuscular junction to prevent muscle contraction. How would acetylcholinesterase inhibitor help treat this poisoning?

Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thank you!!!

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    when your muscles contract, the nerve will send it a signal in the form of acetylcholine(ACH), its a complicated chemical process, but basically ACH gets made and dumped on the muscle-->muscle contracts

    when ACH is removed by breakdown, muscle relaxes(this is an oversimplication btw)

    1. succinylcholine (Sux)is a muscle relaxant,which is used in the Operating room by anesthesiologists for putting a breathing tube in the mouth. Sux relaxes the muscles in the throat to help with this procedure

    sux is very similar to ACH in its chemistry. Sux will get dumped on to the muscle and the muscle is fooled into thinking that its ACh and so it contracts. however, Sux does not get taken away by the same chemicals which take away the Ach. so the sux sticks around longer, causing more contraction, until the muscle tires out and relaxes(again this is an oversimplification)

    2. ach is broken down by an enzyme called acetylcholinesterase

    3 . curare is poison which is classified as a nondepolarizing muscle relaxant, it works differently than sux

    when it is given, curare binds to muscle junction and block Ach from binding, so the muscle never can contract. an ACH-ase inhibitor would prevent breakdown of Ach and then lead to an INCREASE in ACH, the amount of ACH would increase to a level higher than the curare and overpower the curare and lead to a contraction

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