What are some inexpensive, serviceable inkjet printers that use low cost ink cartridges?

My Canon Pixma iP1500's waste ink absorber is full, rendering it inoperable, and I'm trying to decide whether to try and clean it out and put it back in service or to get a new inexpensive printer with tolerable cartridge replacement costs. What says the Yahoo! community or experts on this? Thank you for your assistance.

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    10 years ago
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    There is a current (March-2010) list of top, budget printers that use low-cost ink cartridges here;


    I'd suggest using this as a starting point.

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    3 years ago

    Inexpensive Inkjet Printers

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    I love my Canon Pixma iP1500! I haven't even gotten myself to like my Pixma iP2000 as much yet. (has an annoying habit of sizing the paper before printing.. I don't know if this is an adjustable setting) I keep several printers for different purposes.

    If I were you, I would try to sponge off or replace the ink absorber.

    See link

    You do know that you can refill those cartridges by just turning them over and dripping ink into those little sponge areas, right? As far as I know, it doesn't get less expensive or easier than the iP1500.

    Be careful lest ye end up in chip reset hell w/newer printer models.

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    For an inkjet printer, Epson brand printers might be your best option. The printers are a reasonable cost while at the same time offering less expensive ink jet cartridges. Epson ink cartridges do not have the ink head on the cartridge, so you can find off brand cartridges for them for a very low rate. Also, the cartridges are easy to refill yourself if you choose to.

    But overall, a laser printer in the way to go. You can get a Brother laser printer for less than $100 and get an off brand toner cartridge for only $30. The toner cartridge will last you for longer than you can image. Also, laser printers are easy to work on yourself.

    I know a laser printer in that price range is a monochrome printer. But really, printing photos at home is not economical at all. You can get your photos printed at a drug store for less then half it costs you to print them on a home photo printer, also they will come out better.

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    All ink jet printers can be more cost effective if you FILL YOUR OWN CARTRIDGES.

    All printer companies make their money on selling the ink cartridges, not the printers. All of them.

    If you are just looking for any excuse to buy another printer, just buy one. If you are looking to save money, either take the cartridges to a local shop where they refill them, or learn to use a refill kit and do it yourself.

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    With a sparkling printer you get much less ink interior the cartridge in case you obtain a sparkling printer, whilst in comparison with a replace ink cartridge. yet with a sparkling printer, you do get a a million twelve months guarantee with it. you may desire to choose

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    10 years ago

    You can have an inexpensive printer, or a printer with low running costs, but you can't have both.

    I say Google around for printers with low running costs, try and find legitimate third party tests with hard results that you can compare. Don't just go off people's opinions on blogs or Yahoo answers or chances are you're just going to get ripped off again.

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