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Who is your favorite person on ' survivor '?

My favorite is that country boy that got voted of two weeks ago.


Oh and I like rupert.

I used to like Russell but not anymore

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    boston rob:

    he managed to run the show in all stars and yet no one seemed to come up with the idea to vote him out. he convinced everyone to trust him even though he stabbed everyone but amber in the back. hes strong and leads the tribe well. hes got a strong likeable personality.

    rob cesterino

    he practically invented backstabbing. once he realised he was close to the bottom of an alliance he changed it up. and still got people to trust him every new alliance. and managed to only be discovered doing this near the end of the game.


    this womans probably got the best social game. from her first season she was going to go first until she convinced the other 2 to vote with her. she was going to go second when she joined casaya because she was "weak". and she managed to wiggle her way into an alliance. she focused on getting rid of the unlikeable players to make sure they wouldn't get taken to the end and she evolved into a strong competitor. then in f v f it looked like she was at the bottom of both alliances and she got in there with parv and amanda. she ame up with the idea to get rid of ozzy and trick erik. and she was so likeable that she didn't make it to the final tribal council. i think she is the only player so far to be so successful in 2 seasons

    Amanda Kimmel

    To make it to the end two seasons in a row. you know shes got strategy. she aligned with the right people in china and in F v F. shes strong physically and made sure that she was in a place to win the immunity challenges at the end.

    This season:

    parvati shallow

    the smartest move she made was aligning with alexis and natalie. it gave her original alliance an advantage as well as putting her in a good spot to win. she knew that the guys would dominate in challenges so she took them out. and wow what a list of blindsides. i understand ozzy not playing the idol but they were able to convince jason not to play it either. and was amazing. she knew what she wanted to do and she did it.

    Sandra Diaz-Twine

    she pretends like she has no strategy and that shes a nice person. But she isn't a nice person when it comes to the game. she knows peoples weaknesses. like with russell. she knew he is overly paranoid and egotistical. all she had to do was pretend that coach wanted him gone and russell believed her. this saved courtney one more vote and so saving sandra. as long as its not her she'll vote for anyone.

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    at the current time Russel is my favorite followed by Rupert and Colby.

    and the country boy is JT by the way. i love him too, but sadly he is gone.

    I also love Boston Rob. hes prob by overall favorite.

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  • 10 years ago

    Boston Rob.

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