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What will happen if the population of a country decreases?

What will the consequences be if women in a country do not began to have more children?

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    The country will turn prosperous.Competition will decrease in every fields.Job opportunities will increase.Citizens will get some hygienic conditions to live.Violence and corruption will decrease.As the per capita income increases country becomes a developed one.Number of beggars,thieves etc will decrease.All the citizens of the country will get a healthy,wealthy and prosperous life.

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    If women don't have enough babies to replace the number of people dying, then you'll end up with an ageing population, which means more older people(65+ i believe) than younger people(around 0-15yrs). This means that more resources will be needed to cater for the older folks such as medicine, transport, pensions, retirement schemes, hospitals etc etc. It also means the economy and workforce could shrink because there would be less people at working age and more people who are dependent on the people at working age to sustain them.

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    less people init

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