Should the WWE create an Anti-PG stable?

You know how the WWE created the Right to Censor group during the Attitude era, do you think they should create an Anti-PG stable who is against PG?

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  • Jen
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    10 years ago
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    That would be great, and it would be very entertaining! The stable should be made of of some younger superstars, but they would all have to be very talented on the mic, and in the ring. I'm talking personalities like Stone Cold's, and the Rock's! I wouldn't want just some random superstars thrown together to create a stable. I want a legendary stable, to be remembered for all time.

    I can just imagine it, the stable fighting against John Cena, and his group of PG supporters. The PG supporters could be all faces, like Rey Mysterio, and Evan Bourne ect. The PG group would be be called "PG Domination," while the anti-PG group would be called "Right To Be Uncensored."

    Those 2 groups would then start off one of the biggest feuds in WWE history.

    The group would first start off, with one special amazing person, trying to get superstars to join his group. Everyone, would always laugh at him, and tell them, "you can never do it," and "why bother?" etc.

    Also, the person would be a big jobber, who always loses his matches. The point would be, to make him look like an epic fail, and that there is no hope for this group at all. He would even always try to swear, but get censored, and he would try to push the PG boundaries. Then John Cena comes up to him, and says, "Give this whole act up kid, there are millions of fans who enjoy the PG rating!" The anti-PG leader replies, "There are millions of fans who miss the Attitude Era, and who don't want this shitty PG Era. Your only fans are kids John Cena, and you ended the Attitude Era, so it is my time to end the PG Era!" John Cena laughs, "You're kidding me, right? Why don't we just settle this, and just forget it ever happened. You are just making a fool of yourself!" The anti-PG leader yells, "If you think you're so great with your damn 5 moves of doom, face me in a match at Wrestlemania for your WWE Title!" John Cena says,"OK. Calm Down, I'll give you your match, but if you lose you can forget this silly anti-PG stuff!" The anti-PG leader swears at John Cena, and does his finisher on him. The audience boos him, and John Cena says to the audience, "Don't worry I will beat him!" he the makes a joke about the anti-PG leader.

    Wrestlemania comes, and the anti-PG leader wins the match, and gets the WWE Title. John Cena, and him create a 5 star classic match. John Cena is shocked, and other superstars are impressed, and join with the anti-PG leader to create the stable, "Right To Be Uncensored." Suddenly, the stable gains more, and more power, and the stable wins more, and more titles. As they do that, each week they make the show more, and more inappropriate. John Cena is furious, and creates, his satble, "PG Dominanace." The two stables create a legendary feud for one year, and finally the anti-PG leader proposes a match: A stable vs. stable tag team elimination match. If his team wins, John Cena leaves, and the Attitude Era officially comes back. If his team loses they leave, and the PG Era, stays until John Cena says so.

    John Cena accepts. The match comes, and Right To Be Uncensored wins. John Cena starts swearing, and tells everyone, "F**** you all! Now my time ruling WWE is over. I wanted the WWE to be PG, so I could win titles, and be a huge star. With the Attitude Era around, I could never be a big star.

    All I had to do was trick those stupid kids into cheering for me, and I was Superhero Cena!"

    John Cena leaves WWE, and the Attitude Era officially begins.

    I doubt this will happen, because Vince is pretty sure on the WWE PG rating. I think this would be a great idea, though, if Vince was to bring back the Attitude Era.

    Overall, the WWE will is PG, and the Attitude Era is over. If the higher rating was brought back all we would get is the same horrible matches/storylines, except with blood, and swearing!

  • 10 years ago

    That would be interesting but the contrast wouldn't be allowed. The right to censor during an explicit time is understandable. But vice versa would not work

  • 10 years ago

    I don't think Vince would do that. I would love the WWE to do that but I just don't see it happening. Maybe one day, Vince will get his head out of his *** and bring back the Attitude Era.

  • Anonymous
    10 years ago

    no that would undermine what WWE are trying to do.

    that dont want to acknowledge that PG is unpopular with some because it would confuse thier current PG market.

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  • 10 years ago

    I AM,BECAUSE OF PG I DON'T WATCH IT ANYMORE! it got really boring for me :[

    I miss the old wwe

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  • Realistically it will not happen, but it sounds like a really good Idea, Who could be a few good members though???

  • Krowe
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    10 years ago

    Shad, Dolph Ziggler, Sheamus, and one other if anyone has any suggestions. perhaps cody or ted, or both

  • 10 years ago

    Yes they should do that. That would be amazing.

  • AGM
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    10 years ago

    yes, if it all depends

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