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Girls, is this normal?It seems like I am very wet down there, wet enough to wear pantyliners every day..?

Okay, I'm 21 so I thought I had already went through some sort of puberty. I'm a virgin too. I am ALWAYS wet down there, enough that i go through a couple of panties a day. I don't have an infection because i got it checked, I dont have a bladder or vaginal infection.But is it safe to wear panty liners ever day to keep myself dry?Its clear and wet, so I don't know if it's pee or discharge. But it's just clear and watery,with it dripping through out the day. Sorry if it's TMI. Could it be discharge or urine?? I shouldnt have any reason to have incontinence at my age, but i just dont know.Why wouldI have so MUCH discharge then?? I mean, it isn't like i'm soaked,but theres alot..

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    Be thankful, because when you hit 40 your dryer then the sahara desert

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    I, myself, wear a pantie liner every day. I have a little bit of leakage of some sort (I'll be 17 in June). If it's causing you annoyance like more than a pair of undies a day, than yeah. I haven't had any health problems. It's just keeping my undies safe!

    So go ahead!

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    Gynecologists don't recommend wearing pantie liners everyday since it decreases circulation. The vagina needs to breath or you can develop odor and increase your risk of infection. You should just bring an extra change of underwear.

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