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how can i modify my ceiling fan so that its speed is increased?

its running kind of on the slow side , it has a reverse switch pull switch that controls its speed , off, high,med and low, even on high i feel that its not doing a good job, im just wondering how would i modify it internally to make it spin faster, im experienced with circuitry and wiring so that wont be an issue, i just want to know basically what todo before i rip out of the ceiling


there are no screws to adjust the angle but its very easy to bend so i just did that

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    Ceiling fan blades are very inefficient as air foils, with more drag than lift. If you can remove the wooden blades and modify them, you can lower their drag (increasing the motor speed) while increasing the air moved.

    The trick is to taper them so that the far ends are narrower than at the motor ends (about half as wide as the motor end is pretty good), and to bevel the edges so that the edges are not cut blunt, but are sharpened. A belt sander works pretty good for this beveling.

    The common design is based on ancient models that predate airfoil science and are historical, stylistic baggage.



    John Popelish

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    If your fan used to run faster earlier, then maybe the cap has deteriorated. Typical single phase fans have a "starter" capacitor, which creates the out-of-phase required for the windings to work. This cap often deteriorates without any visible evidence.

    Try changing the cap with a new one.

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    You cannot increase the speed of fan !

    You can improve it by cleaning the dust from time to time and oil it well.

    If the bearing worn out,time to buy a new fan.

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    It might be easier to change the angle on the blades so they catch more air, did you try this mine are adjustable with screws.

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    You would have to remove the motor and install a larger more powerful one.


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