We need the BEST criminal lawyer we can get for $2500 in Tampa, FL. Husband got 1st offense Poss Contrld Subst?

My husband got mixed up in a drug bust because he didn't know his friend, who he recently rekindled his friendship with, was still doing drugs. He thought this guy was changing his life and trying to get custody of his kid. My husband even got him a job to get him on his feet.

My husband called this guy to ride with him in town to try to get a cavalier running so we can buy it. The guy said "sure, no problem" and went with him.. Apparently this guy sent text messages to an old mutual friend from High School to meet them at the gas station so HE could buy pills. He did NOT call where my husband could hear, but only sent text messages. My husband didn't even know WHO he was texting... The guy goes "stop at the corner store before we go look at the cavalier for sale. Wanna run in...". My husband stops, recognizes the girl from HS and goes to say hi. She hugs my husbands friend, gets back in the car. Looks at my husband says "I have something for you". Hands my husband a pill.

He looks at it, doesn't recognize the pill. Finishes his conversation with her. Walks away from the car, within 3-4 steps just drops the pill. 3-4 steps later police come busting out to arrest my husband and his friend.

The police tell my husband they have ON TAPE WITH AUDIO selling pills to the girl. Tried to get a confession from him. He did not confess because it was not true. They found HER prescription in her car, and THEN said they had him on tape exchanging money to buy pills from her.

My husband said any tape will show he did not pay for anything from this girl. He admitted post miranda that she handed him a pill, but he didn't know what it was and dropped it after talking to her when leaving because he didn't want it. He said he would be willing to go right now and take any type of drug test to prove he does not do anything. Hair, Blood, Urine ... anything.

He was HONEST. He could have tried to lie and say he didn't get handed anything.

When my husband and his friend were both arrested, the pill my husband dropped was by the girls car. His friend had not dropped his pill until police identified themselves, so his pill was right by his head when he got arrested.

My husband told the police he didn't know the girl would be there. The other guy told the cops he told the girl to meet them there so he could buy pills. The cops said the stories didn't match up that my husband recognized the girl from school and was just handed a pill, while the other guy said he texted her to meet them there. But they do add up if you KNOW that my husband didn't know this guy was still messing around and they both had KNOWN the girl in highschool.

I happen to work for the law enforcement agency that this happened in. We were both humiliated

My husband contacted this guys family when he got arrested to let them know that their son is NOT cleaning up his life, that he got my husband arrested, and my husband wanted nothing to do with her son anymore. the guys mother said "oh yea i know that girl, i should have told that she was trouble". she also said her son admitted in jail when they spoke on the phone that my husband had no idea what was going on and apologized to his mom for getting arrested.

ANYWAYS, if you know a highly reputable lawyer in Hills Co Florida (Tampa Area) that is experienced with these types of cases PLEASE refer us to them and if you are a lawyer reading this, please let me know what you think my husbands outcome will be for this possession charge.

He will not qualify for PTI even though it's his first offense, because he is NOT going to admit to a drug problem when he does NOT have one just to get into this program.

My husband lost his job, we are selling everything to get the attorney fee. Our lives have been destroyed ...


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    Use a search engine for "Florida State Bar" and you search their database. If theirs is anything like Texas' State Bar website, you should be able to narrow it down to field of practice and zipcode.

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    Criminal Records Search Database : http://searchverifyinfo.com/Official

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