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What boxers has Pacquiao knocked that were not beaten before?

How many of those 38 KOs were against quality opponents?

How many of those KOs were against someone undefeated?

How many of those KOs were against champions?

How many of those KOs were against nobodies? (Well, he had to start somewhere)

Bonus: How many of those KOs were against boxers with decent defense?

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    ~ Manny Pacquiao has knocked out 5 unbeaten fighters throughout his career so far; Dele Decierto (KO2) on 7/1/1995, Seung-Kon Chae (KO1) on 6/28/2000, Nedal Hussein (KO10) on 10/14/2000, Emmanuel Lucero (KO3) on 7/26/2003, and Jorge Solis (KO8) on 4/14/2007.

    ~ As far as how many of his knockouts came against quality opponents, I guess that depends on your definition of a quality opponent, but he has knocked out the following world champions; Chatchai Sasakul (KO8), Lehlohonolo Ledwaba (KO6), Jorge Julio (KO2), Marco Antonio Barrera (KO11), Erik Morales (KO10, KO3), David Diaz (KO9), Oscar De La Hoya (KO8), Ricky Hatton (KO2), and Miguel Cotto (KO12). A total of 9.

    ~ I already answered how many of his KOs were against someone undefeated and how many were against champions.

    ~ As far as how many of his knockouts were against nobodies, well just like with the term "quality opponent", it depends on what your definition is of a "nobody" but just to give you a solid answer, I'll tell you how many opponents he's knocked out with losing records- 6 and I won't bother to tell you their names because you've most likely never heard of them.

    ~ As far as how many of his knockouts were against boxers with decent defense, well this answer is subjective as well but I would be inclined to say that the following fighters were good defensively when Pacquiao knocked them out; Marco Antonio Barrera and Oscar De La Hoya. Barrera started his career out as a straight-forward slugger but by the time he fought Pacquiao, he had adapted his style to that of a more technical boxer-puncher with good defense and Pacquiao dominated him in one of his best performances and stopped him in the 11th round. De La Hoya was always a very good technical counter puncher who didn't have the best defense in the world but his defensive skills were respectable- the only time that he was knocked out up to that point was when Bernard Hopkins caught with a perfect body shot and that can happen to anyone. Pacquiao was able to brutally dominate De La Hoya and make his eye swell up very noticeably.

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    Obviously Barrera and Morales were the TOP quality opponents that Pacquiao KO'd....that's the reason Pac got famous. Emmanuel Lucero was 21-0-1 undefeated and jorge solis 33-0, they got ko'd by pac. Hatton, Cotto, Diaz, were all recent champions that got ko'd.

    Bonus: Pac never fought a slick boxer like Mayweather, so the answer is zero. But that doesn't mean he has no chance.

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