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Who sold Sweet Chin Music better: Triple H or Undertaker?

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    The Undertaker, if you have ever noticed that when Shawn Michaels tries to give Triple H Sweet Chin Music he always puts his hands right in front of his face, but when he gives it to The Undertaker he doesn't do that so much. Plus i like the way how The Undertaker falls straight to the ground while Triple H sort of stands there for a while. I don't know if it's just me noticing this or if i'm seeing things, but i think Taker sells The Superkick the best.

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    I think The Undertaker because he faced Shawn Michaels for 2 consecutive times.

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    i think undertaker. HHH always loks behind him to see where he is going to land. undertaker has more experience and isnt scared to put his body on the line.

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