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Are the USA trying to destabilize Pakistan?

I want to write an academic essay on this. Is there an academic debate about this already in process. If so what are the key points?

What would the US gain from the disintegration of Pakistan, how would they go about it?


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    No, the USA needs Pakistan to remain stable. A large portion of the men, supplies, and equipment used by the USA in Afghanistan moves through Pakistan to Afghanistan.

    Pakistan has a large number of nuclear bombs and long-range missiles for delivering those bombs. If Pakistan were to completely destabilize, those nukes could fall into the hands of terrorists, who would surely use them on the USA or Britain, or Pakistan could be taken over completely by fanatical muslim extremists similar to those who are now in control of Iran. If that were to happen, they'd surely launch nukes on the USA by some means such as missile-equipped submarines, concealment inside commercial shipping containers, concealment in the hold of a small ship, etc.

    If Pakistan were to fall to muslim extremists, they would seriously consider launching a nuclear war with India to obtain control of all of Kashmir. This would devastate both India and Pakistan, which would encourage China to become adventurous, perhaps evening attacking and conquering India's north east territories, which China claims was historically China's territory at some time in the distant past.

    No, the USA does not want to destabilize Pakistan. That would likely have a domino effect and spread instability throughout neighboring countries.

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    No, it would not be in their interest to destabilise Pakistan, since that would be handing over large sections of the country to religious extremists and Iran. It would also prolong the war in Afghanistan and possibly also cause problems in central Asia.

    Pakistan also has a nuclear arsenal and scientists with the know-how, so the US government would want to keep that contained.

    If you are writing an essay on it, try a respectible online (and print) publication like You can access all their articles if you register with the site. It is a source you can safely quote from for university papers.

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    India is a close ally of the USA. A disintegrated Pakistan would be one less threat the U.S. has to worry about in the region. Not sure what impact it would have on Talibani and Al Qauda support and structure.

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