where is the tps (throttle positioning sensor) located on a chevy 2500 hd?

I'm trying to replace the tps in a truck but sadly i dont know where it is lol... im in need of some help


im in need of assistance locating the tps on a truck. as much detail as you can give would be very helpful. also greasemonkey...i dont know what you mean

Update 2:

im in need of assistance locating the tps on a truck. as much detail as you can give would be very helpful. also greasemonkey...i dont know what you mean. also im looking on the other side but i dont see anything

Update 3:

2003 gas 2500hd 6.0

Update 4:

it is electronic

Update 5:

the issue with the truck is: it says reduced engine power and throttle does not respond when it says it

Update 6:

awww greasemonkey im sorry...ill give you a thumbs up!

Update 7:

im in a deadlock here so hopefully someone can help....anyone have suggestions?

Update 8:

there is no cable...its electronic

Update 9:

ok so ive just been informed that the real question should be troubleshooting solutions for the engine light coming on and flashing loss of engine power and the throttle having no response.

Update 10:

we have purchased the part and apparently it isnt needed because there isnt one on there like that (on the other side of the throttle body)

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    Have someone press down on the gas pedal (engine off) while you watch under the hood, and look for a part that rotates. Look on the other side of the throttle body from that, is usually where it is.

    That is, if it doesn't have electronic throttle control. Impossible for me to say without knowing the year. But if that part needs replacing, I'm guessing it's not real new, and if you're doing it yourself, old enough not to be under warranty anymore.


    OK, well, that's a whole different kettle of fish then. That vehicle uses an Accelerator Pedal Position Sensor, which is down behind the gas pedal, which may be the part you have, but might not necessarily be the problem. This system uses electronics to control the throttle, no mechanical linkage or cable, or any physical connection of any kind.

    First of all, in case you're not already aware of it, a flashing check engine light is a sign of serious trouble, and the recommendation is to take it to a shop pretty quickly, to avoid further damage. More can be found on this in your Owner's Manual, on page 3-45.

    If you don't have an OM, you can download a PDF copy here;


    As I mentioned already though, the sensor may not be the cause of the problem. You could be in what's known as "limp home mode", which is where the computer purposely cuts power to the engine, in order to prevent further/serious damage to the vehicle. A trouble code has almost certainly been set under these conditions, and having that read and then diagnosed would be the first step.

    A good bet is that you have a misfire of some sort, which could be either Ignition system related (sounds like it has the Coil-on-Plug setup) or a Fuel system problem, or even some sort of mechanical problem, and less likely a problem with the throttle control, which also includes a small servo motor on the throttle to actually operate that.

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    Throttle Position Sensor Location

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    The TPS is located on the throttle body. It can be identified by following the black plastic tube from the air filter housing to the metal part it attaches too. There , you will find a component attached with two screws and several wires. The best way to find out what you are looking for is to go buy one>

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    tps is on the gas pedal. that's why you have it instead of a mechanical linkage.

    is this a diesel or gas and what year?

    thanks for the thumbs down but when she said hd i assumed diesel and in most newer computer controlled diesels where fuel not air is the defining factor they use a potentiometer on the gas pedal instead of a mechanical linkage and which most manufacturers call it a TPS

    Ok well i'm a diesel mechanic and haven't worked on too many newer gas engines. if you've got a cable from the pedal to the throttle body then catman is your guy. i wasn't sure if the newer gas engines are using the electronic throttle like diesels so sorry for any confusion

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    Jack the car up and find it. It's not like there are miles of pipe! If the car has an 02 visible from the motor compartment the other 02 is after the precat about 2 feet farther down.

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    Jeremy Parker and Cole Williams asked the same question. You should read their answers side by side.

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    I often end up writing the same question on other sites

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