Why am I getting an access denied message when trying to install webcam?

Everytime I try to install something onto my Hp Pavillion a6757c PC I get an access denied message.In the past I tried to install software for my daughters' little digital cameras and now tonight trying to install webcam and the same thing.I am probably choosing the wrong option but I obviously,am computer illiterate.......There is a note in the webcam instructions that states to choose the Driver Only installation but I do not have that option when I attempt to install.

Any help would be so appreciated.Thanks!!


Thanks for your answer but I figured out the problem.On Windows Vista(which is what I am running) My husband had himself as the administrator I was just standard user so i went into start menu,control panel,user accounts and then changed my account to administrator.....DUH!!!No wonder access was denied,Only the administrator can install software even when another user on the PC has the password.

P.s. Who is this "Computer expert you speak of cuz if I had one of those around I would'nt have to ask complete and (sometimes)uneducated strangers,Haha!

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    First of all we need more information about your Windows and webcam..

    (i ll suggest you find a computer expert to remove that problem. if you do you own may b things went more worst)

    Now try this..

    Go to control Panel> select Add remove program(if vista then Program and Features).

    >then find any thing which is related with your webcam or webcam company name

    >select it

    >now click on uninstall button

    >now restart the computer

    >try to install it again with cd and use webcam instructions book.

    if it not help then please contact computer hardware expert ..he ll 100% help you out

    Take care dear


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