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R asked in Arts & HumanitiesBooks & Authors · 1 decade ago

Who's a writer, whose work you respect, but couldn't really get into or didn't like?

Jane Austin for me. I've read so many amazing things about her, and when i finally got to read one of her books i was so excited..... but then i realized i didn't really like it!

maybe when i'm older i'll learn to like her.....

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  • egn18s
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    1 decade ago
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    Frank Miller. He writes comics and graphic novels, not regular novels. Does he still count for your question? Frank Miller rose to prominence in the comic book industry during the 1980's and got major acclaim and fame when he wrote and illustrated The Dark Knight Returns, for DC comics. It was a 4-part mini-series about Batman, set in a future where an older Batman comes out of retirement to reclaim Gotham City from the crime that has overwhelmed it in his absence. This miniseries was very important for the American comic book industry because it was one of the first mainstream comics aimed at adult readers, with a very dark and serious tone to it. It showed the world that superhero characters like Batman can be handled in such a way that makes them interesting to mature readers. It basically set the tone for the superhero comics for the next 20 years. Frank Miller also wrote, but did not illustrate, Batman: Year One, which retells the origin of Batman in an in-depth way. He then stopped working for DC comics and started making the Sin City comic series, which had a movie made of it a few years ago. He also wrote the comic 300, which had a movie made of it. From the start of his career up to the present, Frank Miller has been regarded as one of the best writers in the comic industry. He's considered a genius, highly respected by comic fans and his fellow authors alike. But....

    .... from the very first page I ever read of his work, to the 20th attempt that I have made to try to read and appreciate his work, I have hated it. To me, he is one of the worst published writers that I have ever read. His writing reads like it was written by a 15 year old boy trying way to hard to write like what he thinks good writing is supposed to be. He's constantly trying to hit the reader with these heavy one-liners. He's always trying to shock the reader with this super dark violence. He's consistently trying to impress the reader with these dark, gritty worlds that he creates. But it all just seems so obvious like he's trying way way way too hard. It's so pretentious. Not only do I hate his writing style, but his plotting is so poor. He comes up with good overall ideas (like Batman coming out of retirement, trying to fight crime while old and out of practice), but the way he ends up structuring the plot is so horribly weak. I could rant about all of the things I hate about his work for an hour. And yet, to my amazement, every single other person on earth that knows who he is thinks of Frank Miller as a literary genius. I have read articles by other authors (whose work I love) in which they gush over how great Frank Miller is and how much they respect him. It baffles me.

    So anyway, I appreciate what Frank Miller did for comics by opening up the door to adult-style treatments of super hero comics. But I despise his actual work. Sorry if I ranted for too long in this answer.

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  • 1 decade ago

    Jane Austen is a good example of writers like this. I remember when I first tried picking up one of her books I could barely get through the first few chapters, so I stopped reading. But I learned that if you keep trying a few months later, maybe multiple times, it becomes much easier.

    Ernest Hemingway is another example. I was so determined to read one of his books so I tried The Old Man and The Sea, and it's a small little book, but it took me about three months to read.

    Overall, just looking back I'm extremely glad I kept trying because many books like these have become some of my favorites.

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  • 1 decade ago

    JK Rowling. I was excited to read Harry Potter because I love Percy Jackson and the Olympians and LotR and stuff liek that, but I just didn't like it... I tried, I read half the book, but just wasn't impressed. I felt bad because I got two of my friends excited because I was going to read it, then sorta kinda bailed...

    You have your own opinons, authors don't let doubts go to their heads (always ;] )

    - Meggy

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  • 1 decade ago

    I loved The Host by Stephanie Meyer, but I couldn't get into the Twilight series.

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  • 1 decade ago

    Seriously? Same here. I respect it for the good writing quality, but it just doesn't interest me. :)

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  • 1 decade ago

    *raises hand*

    me too

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