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Separation of Church and State?

What is your stance on separation of church and state and why?

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    Totally for it. Contrast, two Islamic countries. Iran is a theocracy and people have no freedom, they must do what the church says. Turkey is a secular state with separation of church and state ... and the people have better government, more freedom and less control by the church. I think the difference speaks for itself.

    In the US theoretically there is separation, but one just has to look at the health care debate (inordinate fuss over theoretical funding of abortion while ignoring fact of 40,000 people who die each year due to inadequate health care) to see the influence the fundamentalists have on politics. It's also accepted that no Congressman or Senator nor the President would ever admit to be an atheist.

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  • 10 years ago

    I think most people are for it.. it's a good thing.

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