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so we are doing this mock court thing and i was placed as a lawyer cause someone backed out and just known today and have to monday to have it all ready to go. So I need LOTS of help im the defense. PLEASE if your good at coming up with a model opening statement to the jury by the defence would help alot** please if your good at this stuff PLEASE HELP

the plot of it is a teenager lynn harper was murdered a series of clues and facts make it appear that the *** ult had taken place where the body was found. The facts of this case indicates that on the evening of friday may 18th sometimes between 6-9pm (it was dark) lynn harper age 18 a senior at Clinton high school was murdered

The girls parents Al and Shirley harper called the police to report their daughter missing and the body was found on may 20th after investigation and gathering of information on possible suspects, the police arrested 18 yr old steven truscott and charged him with the crime. he was indicted by a grand jury arraigned and pleased innocent. Bail was set at 100,000 dollars and a trial by jury was granted. (keep in mind Im the lawyer proving him Not guilty).

My defense witnesses:

steven truscott- lives on quebec road in clinton with his parents doris and Dan his brother Ken and Little sister karen smashed his car so his main mean of transportation was his bike, which he rides to and from schoo. he is 18 and a senior at clinton high works at a gas station 3 nights a week to save money to buy a new car. very athletic he observed Lynn hitching a ride after he left her off at kings highway she told him that she was going up to dan derby's horse farm a 1959 chevy picked her up with a couple of people in it---so says steve

sue smith - A student at clinton high and in same classes as lynne. she president of student council and an (A) student she lives with her parents on regina road she baby sits for spending money she is 17 and was close friend of lynn they were both active in school activities

Al harper- father of deceased respected citizen of the community was acquainted with dan and doris truscott was employed by the local mines works for 30 yrs lives on vicrotia bvd in clinton.

shirly harper-- mother of deceased (lynn) housewife was acquainted with dan and doris truscott lives on victoria bvd in clinton (town) with husband AL lynn was her only child.

candy cane- brownie leader of troop 673 on may 18th she had her scouts on a field trip she observed lynn participating with some of her brownies after school and she seemed in good spirits she lives on edmonton road had her brownies at pint 1.

Dan truscott-- father of suspect manages a frozen custard stand had seen lynne at his store occasion steven came home at 8:45 on the night in question (may 18th) to begin babysitting little karen lives on quebeck rd.

doris truscott- works part time in her husbands custord store attests to the fact that steven is accident prone on the night in question (may 18th) steven was upset saw steven at 5:30 and had him run an errend left at 5:30 and returned on his bicycle and did not return till 8:45 he began babysitting his little sister karen at 9 he did not eat dinner at home of the night in question lives on quebec road with husband and kids

Douglass Oats- (he's a Prosecution witness)- retired whaler lived in clinton for 16 yrs he was fishing for turtles at the bridge, he notice steven and lynne,( on steven handle bars) go by towards kings highway sometimes between 6:30 and 7:30 as not wearing a watch noticed that steve rode back alone he stopped he stopped and talked for a few mins steve said that she was hitching a ride to horse farm observed steve and lynn at point 3 lives on edmonton road

robert lawson-(prosecution witness)--a dairy farmer owns a 200 acre farm was milking his cows when he observed steven and lynne talking then noted both leaving togeather walking his bicycle towards kinds highway a little after 6pm on may 18th observed and lynn at point 5

ken truscott(prosecution)--brother of suspect. lives with his father and mother (dan and dorid) and brother (steve) and a little sister (karen) student at clinton Jr High school 16 year old on the night in question steven asked him to change shoes and bicycle with him but ken did not do it. played Football with brother stevebefore steve want in to babysit steve only played football for a couple minutes, somtimes after 8:30 continued to play football after steven left wasnt wearing a watch lives on quebec rd.

Dr Rieley Kiely--cornor Examened the body of lynne harper on may 20th determined that the time of death from examiningthat contents of lynne stomach, that the time of death was between 7 and 9 on may 18th evening body was beaten cause of death was strangulation probaly the blouse around her neck -- neck was broken and observed several small puncutre wounds lives in stratford six miles from clin


Gordon logano --supervisor at the swimming hole from 4 to 10 pm at point 4 on the map does not remember seeing lynne or steven on night of question does not recall seeing any car stopping on kings highway.

barney miller --a Private dectective hired by the harpers to see if he couple help the police find lynne he and brinker were the first to find lynne body at 12:30 in the afternoon of may 20th found sideways footprints in the soft mud by the trees were the body was no sign of struggle noticed several small punture wounds but very little blood and branches thrown over body he saw body where indicates. (Prosecution)

these are all the witnesses i got from it


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