Any tips to being better at tricks on snow skis?

Im really starting to get into doing tricks on snow skis. Got any tips at all that will help then let me know thanks:)

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  • Anonymous
    10 years ago
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    First of you nees to get somfortable on jumps. Aproach it with speed have your legs about shoulder width apart and then bend your knees and pop off the lip. Now you wanna learn how to do a 180 do everything the same but wid up either to your right for a 180 to the left or the oppisites. For a 360 do the same but keep turning while your in the air and pretend like your going for a 540 and just spin as much as u can. For rails you need to get comfortable on boxes. First off go straight accross one. You wil look like a Complete IDIOT but you have to learn sometime. Now wants you get comfortable with that try going sideways. You want to aproach it with your skis shoulder width apart. You bend your knees and pop and turn 90 degrees. You will learn which ski you like in the front after just trying both a few times. You will slip off a lot of the time but just focus on the end of the rail and it will help you do the whole rail. While your on the rail keep your knees bentand always keep the rail right under your bindings. If you want you can hike up to the top of the rail after each try. It gets you way more practice and I do this. Now try bar rails and whatever there are at you mountain. Start small and get comfortable of course. If you want to le

  • kuchar
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    3 years ago

    properly once you're saying forgiving in case you advise breaking on impact relatively bypass with any rossignol ski! I easily have 6 pairs of k2s and hike jumps with them each and all of the time, I easily have in no way broken them. i additionally advise the pinnacle mojo twin tip so identity say the silencer yet then why no longer in basic terms bypass with the dumont?

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