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Dramatist Guild script formats help, please?

I've been using Molly Ann Meserve's script format for years, but would like to know more about the Dramatist Guild's formats. Unfortunately, the skimpy pages shown in "The Dramatist Guild Resource Directory 2010" include too little info, and the DG downloads for Movie Magic Screenwriter are incorrect.

Specifically, I'd like to know the following:

1. What are the proper scene heading formats? (AT RISE, SETTING, and so forth)

2. Does the Modern play format use a different scene heading format than either the Traditional or Musical forms?

3. What is the proper right margin for internal stage direction? (Sotto voce, for example)

Thank you! Any help is appreciated!

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    The Dramatist Guild format uses the term "scene notations" rather than "scene headings." These notations are italicized and begin four to 4.25 inches from the left and continue to the right margin. The terms "Setting" and "At Rise" are no longer used, streamlining the section.

    The Modern Format uses an identical scene notation (scene heading) format as the traditional.

    The proper right margin for internal stage directions, or parentheticals, is 6.5 inches from the paper's left edge or, to put it another way, two inches from the right edge.

    Source(s): Final Draft -- Elements
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