How often am i supposed to clean my airsoft gun?

i just got a new airsoft gun ( jg m4) and it doesnt talk about cleaning the gun in the manual. what am i supposed to put on the cleaing rod to clean it??


k but what am i supposed to clean it with

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    Use a silicon lubricant and clean it every time you use it. You can put the silicon spray pretty much anywhere so don't be afraid to put on lots. You can use a cleaning rod to clean the barrel and the hop up through the mag well (also after every use) but it might be hard to find one. If you know how to disassemble it you can dust of the gears too and wipe down the gearbox with a wet cloth (I only do that every month or 2).

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    Airsoft Cleaning Rod

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    A rod should have come with your gun. At one end is a triangular portion, which is used for dislodging jammed bbs. At the other end is a piece with a hole in it. Put a small piece of cotton cloth and spray some silicone oil onto this cloth. Push the cleaning rod, with the cotton cloth going in first through the inner barrel. Pull it out slowly while twisting the rod. This will clear any dust or dirt in the inner barrel. You should do this after every game to clean the inner barrel, especially if you have a tightbore barrel. Another way to lube your hop up chamber is to put a few drops of silicone oil into the hole in the magwell where the bbs feed. Shoot about 200bbs through your gun to clean the oil out.

    You can check out gun maintenance and problems diagnosis in the KWA M4 manual:

    While this is not your gun, everything is pretty much the same with regards to cleaning, maintenance and function. Follow this manual to get maximum performance from your gun.

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    You should clean your gun regularly as part of your mainteance routine. It's recommended that you clean it after about 8 uses. You can find details on cleaning it on this link:

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    after every time you go out to shoot. get in the habit of cleaning your guns after use, its a good habit and it will ensure their reliability.

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    Clean it after each game or shooting session you have

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