I can't adapt to the adult life???? HELP ME!!!! ITS URDENT!!!?

am 20 yrs old now bt stil i cant adapt myslf to this adult life. LIfe seems so complicated now. i have to become responsible like a big adult, act like them and be like a real adult. i have been living an adolescent life for all this yrs, having fun, enjoying with frnds and roaming,......... now that i am working, am seeing life in a new facet, these adults, especially the elderly ones, they are rude at times, and they are so selfish and arrogant. nobody comes to help you. you need to fight all alone. now i prefer being wid my frnds. Coleagues can never be frnds. work is work!!

and on top of that, am feeling so lost, i cant recognize myself. i procrastinate a lot and am becoming more perfectionnist day by day. Help me find myslf!!! plz. i cry so many night, asking god why life is so rude with me. i got many problems, my parents beat me and swear alot me and my mom taunt me day and night when i was doing my HSC at 17 yrs old, and only becoz i have dare to love a boy of my choice. i suffer so much that i couldnt study at all and try to suicide. but these doctor save me on time, if only my parents had brought to hospital a bit late, then by now i would not be in this world. am becoming so lazy. life is so boring for me.

i lost my self respect and self confidence. when i see a grl of my age doing so well, i feel inferior and that i dont deserve a good life, Ever since my mom told me that she regret having me as her daughter and that she should have kill me in her womb, my whole life has changes. help me plz!!!!!!

i would be grateful to you if u can help me come out of this situation

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    Life isn't always fun, but it is nearly always interesting.

    You say you are working. You probably meet all sorts of interesting people in your work, perhaps you hear strange stories (people can be so surprising when you get to know them).

    Imagine you are working for a newspaper, and you need to do a series of articles on the people you are working with. Ask them about themselves, ask them where they came from, what it was like growing up for them, what sort of families they have.

    It looks as if you have the beginnings of a talent for writing. Make the most of that by writing up the stories you get from the people you work with in a book you buy specially for that purpose (like a diary, but about other people). In ten years time you will find it so fascinating to read back over all the strange tales you heard.

    When you have a little more confidence, try to find a local writers' group. You will need to tidy up your spelling, grammar, and punctuation to get seriously involved in writing; but you have the talent, polishing that up will be fairly easy (and will bring you rewards you will never regret).

    Don't focus on the bad things in your life. It sounds like your mother has issues, don't let her share her misery with you. It is your life, and you can be happy with it, if you want to.

    Perhaps one day you can even rescue your mother from the miserable place she has got herself into (did you ever see the film What Dreams May Come)?

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    Start with spelling and sentence structure and work from there.

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