Brown haired girl cosplay!?

Okay so me and two other friends are thinking about going to an anime convention this summer ( yeah I feel like a nerd.) Anyways we want to go as anime people, well from the same anime. But so far we haven't find any anime characters that fit our description. We don't really want to wear wigs, or anything too revealing. So does any one have any ideas?

I'm brown headed, skinny, and paled skinned with blue eyes.

One friend is blonde headed, skinny, with hazal eyes, and skin that is slightly darker than mine.

The other friend is black headed, tan-ish, with brownish eyes (she wears glasses).

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  • 10 years ago
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    Well its kinda difficult because your very different but I recomend Haruhi Suzumiya No Yuuutsu characters:Haruhi at the beginning she has long hair and later she has short hair and she has dark brown eyes, Mikuru Asahina: She has long orange hair(would need a wig or a big hair inked(sorry for my bad english :() and she's skinny, and the other one mmmm...I don't remember her name but she's blue eyes with silver hair and she is pale skinned with short hair the outfits are not very reveling(school uniforms)although the skirt is a bit not too much short. The other one is classic go as Naruto girls there are a bunch you can peak and they don't use revealing outfits although many have strange hair colors like Hinata(blue), Sakura(pink), and so on but there is 3 blondes 3 brown haired and 1 black headed. other would be Code Geass but the outfits are a bit sexy >/////< but the head colors are very strange there is not many normal persons there. If you want to represent the anime you would have to go as Kallen Kozuki, C.C or C2, Shirley Fenette, Milly Ashford, Euphemia li Britannia, Cornellia Li Brittannia, Cecile Strood, and or a black princess don't know her name but she's black headed thats all I can fcome up with I hope it helps.

  • 3 years ago

    Sailor Jupiter from Sailor Moon

  • 10 years ago

    Furukawa Nagisa from CLANNAD

    Hope I helped!

    God Bless You!

  • Anonymous
    10 years ago

    you could all try to go as girls from sailor moon.

    you could go as sailor jupiter, your blonde friend can go as sailor moon or sailor venus, and your black haired friend can go as sailor saturn or she could try pulling off sailor mars. the eye colors dont really match but the hair is the key thing.

    hope that helps :)

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