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Male rottweiler and Female doberman and male boxer or male doberman?

Hi i have a male rottie and a female doberman im just wondering if it would be a good idea to bring in a male boxer or male doberman. my rottie gets along with a lot of dog and both my rottie and doberman know im the boss. im just wondering wich one i should get a male boxer or male doberman?


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    My choice would be a male doberman. A rottweiler will accept any dog raised from the puppy hood and a doberman will accept any adult dog it's been raised with from its puppy hood.

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    Bringing a Male Doberman into a home that already has a large male dog is a bad idea and no responsible Doberman breeder will sell you a male in that situation. Dobermans are very typically male-male aggressive regardless of being neutered, raised together etc. Some are ok with small males or very submissive males but in a home with another large dominant breed male is a fight waiting to happen

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    I have a male boxer, and gender isn't important. I have 2 males, and they are great together, they get sad when they are separated! A rottweiler or another boxer would be great. Whatever you choose, try to pick a breed close to the same size as the boxer.

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    I would go with the dobie just as the Boxer can be very very bouncy and have a particular play style that often doesn't go down well with most normal dogs but i don't think your two would appreciate such a weird play style (boxers like to "box" with their paws, jump on and over dogs, and posture or buff up alot when they play which could be seen as rude by your dogs). I agree with a previous contributer that a female would be a better choice unless your female is only tolerating dogs because you say so. Judge it by your dogs what sex you bring in, if possible let them meet the dogs and let them choose first.

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    it is not advisable to have a doberman male with another male, reputable breeders won't sell a male dobe to a home that already has a male dog. this is epecially true when dealing with working breeds.

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    I would honestly get another female. Two males together will often fight for dominance over the female in the pack. If you get another female, chances are the two females won't fight and the male will be fine with her.

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    If I were you I would get a female not male.

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    Boxer :)

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    depends on what you want to work with.

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