Besides school, where can I can awards? diplomas etc? *not fake ones*?

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    I assume you are in high school? If you wan't me to give you a comprehensive list of awards, add some info about what exactly you want to get awards for. (eg. writing, science, or math)

    Edit: alright, science awards for high schoolers it is. There are literally hundreds. The largest and most well known program is the INTEL ISEF science fair. The ISEF is huge and hosts thousands of students. Dozens of prizes range from 1000-5000 all the way to the three grand prizes of 25k, 50k, and 100k. this fair can be entered by participating in or winning one of dozens of affiliated fairs and this looks great on college apps (there are dozens of categories and you must for research for each one).

    The second largest award is the Siemens Westinghouse award in science. You must enter one of the many categories in a regional contest and then you are chosen to proceed to the next level. First prize is 100k and it looks excellent on apps.

    Another group of great programs are the Olympiads. The categories are: earth science, physics, astronomy, biology, and chemistry (google search these under USAPHO, USABO etc.). You will take tests and, depending on how well you score, rise to a variety of levels. The national level i very impressive, but if you perform well there, you proceed to the international level. The International Olympiads are incredibly impressive and you would compete as one of four people representing the USA for medals against other countries.

    -Plus, on a regional level, there are a variety of bowls and challenges that are state specific (ask your guidance counselor or google it)

    Next in prestige might fall "the summer programs." (a trumpet sounds the clarion call). These programs are over the summer and usually free. The most prestigious is RSI. This is free and part of a joint program run by Harvard and MIT. Top researchers and professors will mentor you over a period of time while you complete a research assignment of your choice (which is then usually submitted to one of the contests). Following that would be the MITES summer program and others.

    - Dozens of other research programs are offered by colleges and institutes around America that are very prestigious.

    Next comes the Summer internship. Most colleges will offer a specified science internship opportunity for high school students (check with your local college). If they do not, try e-mailing a professor and asking if he could mentor you through some research at a college.

    Then comes independent research and publication. In this, you would perform research on a topic of your choice and hopefully discover or prove something that is groundbreaking. Then, you can submit it to a variety of professional journals and magazines. (sometimes it might be good to co-author this with a professor.

    Below all of these comes a plethora of science fairs, tests, and contests that are usually specific to a region or state (again, check w/ a guidance counselor or other knowledgeable source.)

    ---Basically, science awards fall in two categories: research (which is then submitted to one of the fairs) or contests (the local ones or the Olympiads) which are usually less prestigious in college apps.

    Talk to your parents and guidance counselors to see what you would like to do and, if you are young, develop a love and passion for science.

    If you want more info, I would check out the "" forum and you can find all the explanation you need.

    Good luck

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    You can enter scholarship contests to win awards. has a large list of them. Some of your teachers might know about contests in their fields. You'd have to earn a diploma, and you're already doing that in school.

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