Why does every body think the Jets are going to be so great?

They won't go better than 9-7... they actually went 7-9 last year. They didn't beat the Chargers and Bengals in the regular season, they beat their second string teams. And of course I knew that they would beat the Bengals in the playoffs, just like I knew the colts would lose in the Superbowl. Its Karma, if you don't ALWAYS play to win, you will lose (Colts, Bengals resting players instead of winning at the end of the regular season).. But I knew the Bengals were over rated anyway. But I could see sitting a couple players to let them heal..but don't sit healthy players down too.. unless the game is out of reach for your opponent


JasonT is washed up,and he has some nagging injuries.. and what makes you think cromartie is gonna start tackling? lol

Update 2:

5 AFC teams that will have a better record than the Jets... Colts, Ravens, Patriots, Chargers, even Houston will be better than the Jets

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  • 10 years ago
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    No matter which way you cut their regular season, they had the top defense, top running game and were 30 minutes away from making the Super Bowl. The only reason they didn't win 10-12 games was because Mark Sanchez was extremely inconsistent, and though he was pretty good in most games (10 starts with 1 or less INT) when he was bad he was awful (11 INT in just weeks 4, 6 and 11). The only game they weren't in all season was the second game against the Pats, and there were plenty of games where they would have won with only one or two things going the other direction, like the Jacksonville game, the Dolphins game where Ted Ginn returned two kickoffs for a TD and the Falcons game where Darrelle Revis dropped the potential game sealing pick and Sanchez threw 3 inexplicable picks.

    They did all that with a rookie QB and head coach, without a legitimate pass rusher, slot receiver, #2 corner and had lost their third down back and star nose tackle to injury. All of those holes will be filled and/or improved.

    Obviously the key to their offensive success depends on whether or not Mark can be effective and efficient, but he has help all around him. They cut Alan Faneca who was a legitimate liability in pass protection and replace him with the monstrosity that is Vlad Ducasse, who will be groomed between the league's best center and a top 5 left tackle, which will go a long way in aiding his development. Their o-line is the reason that Thomas Jones looked like an all-pro last year, and LT should be very effective considering the Jets line and his role as a third down back which is perfect for his limited skill set, since Greene will be the feature back.

    They also have one of the most underrated receiving corps in the NFL.

    Say what you want about Braylon Edwards drops, he has the skill set of an elite deep threat and has produced at that level in the past with a very mediocre QB, so even when he's not making plays he adds a valuable vertical dimension to the Jets offense. He was not great last year but he wasn't bad either, especially considering he was dropped into a completely new system in the middle of the season. The full offseason he'll have to work with the rest of the offense will go a long way in getting him comfortable.

    If you need to be told that Jerricho Cotchery is one of the best and most dependable #2 possession receivers in the NFL you just need to watch more football, and Dustin Keller has the tools to be a Vernon Davis-esque matchup nightmare. Getting the shifty Santonio Holmes for the slot is just the icing on the cake.

    Out of all their offeason acquisitions, the only one with a shot of being #1 on the depth chart is Brodney Pool. Even if Cromartie, Holmes, LT and Jason Taylor all completely suck, the Jets will still more or less be where they were last year. Cromartie and Holmes are in the last years of their contracts and LT and JT are only signed to two year deals, so its not like they're investing their future or depending heavily on any of them.

    I don't see Cromartie being any worse than Lito Sheppard was last year. Not only is he just younger and more talented than Lito, but it was common knowledge that Lito was not a good fit for a man coverage scheme, while Cromartie is a much better fit for man coverage. It also helps that Cromartie actually has been able to stay on the field, unlike Lito. He's also in a contract year with a team who just drafted a cornerback in the first round, so he has every reason to play and work hard, which by all accounts he's been doing.

    I don't see how Holmes will do anything but help this offense. He'll be like Sanchez's Wes Welker. Like Cromartie he's in a contract year, so its not like they've invested anything of real value in him.

    LT will be mostly used as a third down/situational back. Not only is that a perfect role for his skill set, but having two other talented guys in the backfield will keep him fresher for longer. You also have to take into account that if the Jets line can play anywhere near as well as it did last year he'd have to have gone blind to not be at the very least effective.

    Rex has said that Jason Taylor will be almost exclusively used as a pass rusher in obvious passing downs, which is the only thing he is still effective at doing. That allows Calvin Pace to move to the left side where he'd be better off.

    Last year they made the AFC championship game without a legit #3 cornerback (some would say they didn't have a legit #2 either), a pass rushing outside linebacker, the most disruptive nose tackle in the NFL, a slot receiver and a rookie Mark Sanchez. This year they have three very good cornerbacks, somebody that can rush the passer, a perfect slot receiver, they get back Jenkins and Mark Sanchez will have a full year and offseason of experience under his belt, which can only help him.

    It'd also be errenous to think that they're sacrificing chemistry or leadership for a Super Bowl. They still have their vocal leaders like Bart Scott, Mark Sanchez and Rex Ryan, their lead by example guys like Nick Mangold, Darrelle Revis and David Harris and their veterans, like Kris Jenkins, LT and Calvin Pace. They also got rid of Kerry Rhodes just because he didn't fit Rex's philosophy and was the closest thing they had to a primadonna, so they're obviously not ignoring chemistry.

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  • Things wrong with your statement:

    1. We went 9-7, DA.

    2. We couldn't have beaten the Chargers in the regular season, we couldn't have PLAYED them.

    3. We proved we could be Cincy because we went on the road to THEIR place and beat the first-string by Double digits.

    4. Cromartie didn't do well at SD because of the freakin SYSTEM. The Jets run a different defense where his skills will be better utilized.

    5. Are you sure Jason Taylor is washed up? Because people said that about BRETT FAVRE. Look what happened.... one of the best seasons the man has ever had!

    6. Why not be great? Don't look at who we GOT..... Look at who we LOST.... Beyond Thomas Jones, we didn't lose ANY BIG PLAYERS, and in exchange, we have an arsenal of proven great players with Pro-Bowl talent.

    7. Why not be great (again)? That defense was already BEAST, with Revis retrurning, and Cromartie, and Kyle Wilson. The Jets defense will not be thrown on, and they were already good against the Run.

    8. The #1 Rushing Attack in the NFL gets LT and Joe McKnight. Nuff said.

    9. Why not be great? The Jets made the AFC Championship Game last season. Fluke or not to get INTO the playoffs, if you make it to a game that has the word CHAMPIONSHIP in it, you've got a great football team.


    J-E-T-S Jets Jets Jets!

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  • 10 years ago

    Whoa there, put down the haterade. Jets are an excellent team and will most likely win at least 10 games. They have a lot of great players, and have one of the best defenses in the league coached by a pretty good defensive coach, Rex Ryan. Maybe you've heard of him, he's only the guy who made Baltimore's defense so great for years. The Patriots dynasty is over and probably won't even make the playoffs, so their only competition in the East are the Phins. They'll go at least 11-5.

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  • Anonymous
    10 years ago

    How much do you wanna bet the Jets will have 9 or more wins this season?

    Jets will have the best D this year and the point in bringing LT and Jason Taylor is for veteranship and they still have juice in the tank. Sanchez is only getting better. They even got Kyle WIlson a third good Corner to add on there D, now they'll be blitz happy and hard to beat.

    Houston will not be better then the Jets, if you think that your hating on the Jets.

    Defending Afc North Champs

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  • 10 years ago

    First of all How do you know they wont do better than 9-7. Those Jets fans have every right to be excited about thier team up coming season, they did make some good moves, and they did make a great run into the playoffs last year. So why beat the JETS down, are you really that concerned about them doing that well, is it gonna effect your daily life in a negative manner, if so, I suggest that you seek professional help. The Jets most likley will be on top of thier conference this year, too much talent and these guys play good solid team ball. I wouldnt surprise me to see the Jets represent the AFC in the superbowl maybe not this year, but the moves they have made simply has them favored to reach that goal soon, its still a hard thing to achieve, but the Jets are in the position now to move into one of the elite AFC teams.

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  • 10 years ago

    Dude, thye didn't faced the Chargers in the Reg season they faced them in the playoff. The Bengals didn't wants the steelers in the playoff so they let the Jets in. So didi the Colts, They know how rough the steelers are in the playoff. QWe beat the Chargers because we were that good.

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  • Teri
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    4 years ago

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  • Well hell, why bother playing the season at all? You obviously know what's going to happen, so the NFL should just ask you who's going to win the Super Bowl and the players can take the year off.

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  • Anonymous
    10 years ago

    Gimme five AFC teams who are better then u have a point if not then stfu

    EDIT: The Texans???? are u serious they have no secondary they have to play the Colts and Titans teice so thats 4 Ls and the Jets will beat their azzes Cmon dude u can do better than that and the Chargers got beat by the Jets last year so u buggin out u just namin names. They have no running game and no rush defense may I remind u wat Greene and Jones did to them last year. The Patriots are OLD and are on the decline so FAIL

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  • 10 years ago

    Everybody thinks that the Jets are going to be great because of the great players they added. But almost everyone seems to be forgetting that some of these players only have a few years left in them or not even any years left.

    Some examples would be:

    LT: I'm a great supporter but let's admit it he doesn't have much left in him.

    Cromartie: he's already going in on his 5th season and last year he only had 3 ints.

    Taylor: he's already lacking or if not lacked all his skill.

    Holmes: he keeps on getting suspended from games which he won't be such a help.

    I think I have proved my point here.

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