How To Use eBay To Build Your List ?

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  • 10 years ago
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    You need to create a squeeze page outside ebay. Go to about me page on ebay, write something on that page. offer something for free like ebooks or mini-course. you also need to create an opt-in form where they will put their email address in exchange for the free product that you're offering. you need to link your squeeze page to your ebay about me page.

    you can also build your list outside ebay, that way it is more versatile and you're not limiting yourself on ebay alone. if you're interested in ebay niche, you can create a squeeze page and a free report about ebay, for example, you can write "Download this free report on how to make $1000 a week on ebay", just enter your email address to get free access. If you don't have any product that you can give away, you can look for a PLR content and make some changes to make it look as the one who created it. There are lot of PLR contents out there, some are free, some are cheap.

    Building your list using a PLR content is one of the most powerful and easiest way to build your subscribers list, whether through ebay or outside ebay.

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