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On AMC, how many times have Tad been wedded?

And how many siblings does he have?

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  • 1 decade ago
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    Tad Martin

    Past Marriages

    Dottie Thornton

    Hillary Wilson

    Dixie Cooney [Married: Dec 1989; divorced; deceased)

    Brooke English [Married: 2003; divorced)

    Dixie Cooney [Married: May 1994; divorced; deceased)

    Dixie Cooney [Married: May 1999; divorced; deceased)

    Krystal Carey [Married: Dec 24, 2007; Renewed Vows: Jan 18, 2008; Divorced: Jan 28, 2009]



    Ray Gardner (biological father)

    Joseph Martin Sr. (adoptive father)

    Opal (biological mother)

    Ruth Parker (adoptive mother)

    Robert Gardner (biological uncle)

    Jenny Gardner (biological sister; deceased)

    Adrian Sword (biological half-brother)

    Peter Cortlandt (biological half-brother)

    Jeff Martin (adoptive half-brother)

    Tara Martin (adoptive half-sister)

    Bobby Martin (adoptive half-brother)

    Philip Brent (adoptive half-brother / adoptive maternal cousin)

    Joseph Martin Jr. (adoptive brother)

    Henry Martin (adoptive grandfather; deceased)

    Kate Martin (adoptive grandmother; deceased)

    Paul Martin (adoptive paternal uncle)

    Amy Parker (adoptive paternal aunt)

    Elizabeth Martin (adoptive paternal cousin; deceased)

    Charlie Brent (adoptive half-nephew / adoptive first cousin once removed)

    Kelsey Jefferson (adoptive half-niece)

    Joshua Madden (adoptive half-nephew; deceased)

    Samuel Carlos Jefferson (adoptive great-half-nephew)



    James Edward Martin (with Brooke)

    Unnamed Child (with Brooke; ectopic pregnancy)

    Unnamed Child (daughter; with Dixie; miscarriage)

    Damon Miller (with Hillary)

    Kate Martin/Kathy Mershon (daughter; with Dixie; given up for adoption)

    Jenny Colby Carey (daughter; with Krystal; born 2007)

    * Dixie and Tad refer to their unnamed daughters as 'Bess' and 'Kate'


  • 1 decade ago

    Dottie Thornton

    Hillary Wilson

    Dixie Cooney

    Brooke English


    Krystal Carey

  • 1 decade ago

    Tad Martin~

    Sibling(s)- Adrian Sword (biological maternal half-brother)

    Jenny Gardner (biological sister, deceased)

    Peter "Petey" Cortlandt (biological maternal half-brother)

    Jeffrey "Jeff" Martin (adoptive paternal half-brother)

    Tara Martin (adoptive paternal half-sister)

    Phillip Brent (adoptive maternal half-brother, deceased)

    Robert "Bobby" Martin (adoptive paternal half-brother)

    Joseph "Jake" Martin Jr. (adoptive brother)

    Spouse(s)- Dottie Thornton (divorced) [1985-1986]

    Hillary Wilson (divorced) [1988]

    Dixie Cooney Martin (divorced) [1989-1990]

    Brooke English (divorced) [1993-1994]

    Dixie Cooney Martin (divorced) [1994-1996]

    Dixie Cooney Martin (divorced) [1999-2002]

    Krystal Carey (divorced) [2007-2009]

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