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My doctor prescribed me zoloft but pharmacy gave me something else claiming they have same chemical?

My doctor prescribed me with 50mg zoloft ( sertraline ) and pharmacy gave me 50mg misol ( sertraline hcl ). he said they have same effective material. should i go back scold him for acting like a doctor and return it? or maybe that wont gonna be a problem?

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    Zoloft = sertraline hcl.

    The same with Tylenol = acetominophen

    Advil = Ibuprofen.

    Exactly the same, half the price. Always buy generic.

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    There is no problem. They just gave you the generic. By law they have to work the same. Only the fillers or parts of the pill that don't matter are different. You save A LOT of money by buying the generic.

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    It could be the generic name and be the same medicine but if I were you I would call up my doctor and depending of what he says I would the right thing

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    the only way they can do that is if it is the generic of zoloft

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    No. It is common practice to use generic medicines.

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    Your pharmacist is the specialist in this, not your doctor. So try being nice to him.

  • take it up to the doctor that prescribed you zoloft and ask him about it, if he says it's ok THEN you take it but don't even take one bofe you do so

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