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What do you have to do to get your book published?

What are the requirements of getting a book published? Does it cost money and around how much?

What are the steps in maintaining a book? what is the level of difficulty from a rubic one through five? THANKS!

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    Money flows TO the writer. You should not pay anything to get your book published. If it's good enough, the publisher will pay you.

    In general, the first step is to actually sit down and write the thing. Agents and publishers are not interested in an unfinished book.

    Once it's as absolutely good as you can make it (your first draft should by no means be your last draft), you should write up a query letter telling prospective agents Who your character is, what Choices they have to make, and the Consequences of those choices. The Query Shark is a great place to see how agents want your query formatted.

    Go to a website like, which will tell you which agents are accepting queries and what they take, and make yourself a list. Check that list at Preditors and Editors (I've linked them) to make sure the agent is reputable. Tailor your query to each agent and their guidelines and send out a round of submissions. A good return rate is about one in ten asking for more. If you don't get any nibbles, revise the query and send out another round. And then keep doing it until you run out of agents.

    In the meantime, start writing the next book.

    If it sounds difficult and complicated, that's because it is. You need rhino skin and massive amounts of persistence to make it in this business. And it is a business. If you're rejected (and you will be), let it roll off your back, because it's not personal.

    Good luck!

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    hey there. I've actually published a book before, so I could probably help you. If you want to publish with a major book publisher, you'll need to find a credible literary agent to represent you. Most publishers will not accept your work unless you have a literary agent. However, agents are picky when it comes to representing new authors. I recently made a new website that has some information on how to go about publishing a book. It's called I hope it helps you in your quest. Anyway good luck. Publishing a book isn't hard as long as you have the drive and will to succeed.

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    In the happily ever after world, money flows to the writer, but many writers (albeit, with a sound promotions plan!) start off with self publishing and then, once they have secured a readership, they are much more likely to be published more traditionally (i.e. a publisher takes on their story and sells it to an audience, taking some of the profit for themselves, in much the same way retail operates).

    I'm based in Australia and I know that here it's incredibly difficult to crack into the novel market. The best way is to create a portfolio of shorter publications, that is, having stories and poems and essays published in journals and magazines. Publishers will then be far more inclined to take your story seriously.

    You can have a book 'bound', as in, write it and pay a press to stick it together between fancy covers for you. I did this for an art project back in high school and the cost was $90 for a once-off with a hardcover (which i designed).

    I hope that answers your question.

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