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Going to England when I'm a redhead?

I know that this sounds SO silly, but I'm scared of going to England because I have red hair.

My great-grandparents are from England, and my name is fully English, so my dad decided to plan a trip to England for the summer.

However, I have strawberry-blonde hair (more blond than red at this point, though), but I'm still a redhead. I've heard and read many stories about how "gingers" are not well liked in England and that they are bullied, made fun of, etc.

So, when I go on vacation this year, am I going to be seen as a freak? Are people going to make fun and harass me?

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    In the nicest way, your question has made me laugh a little. Of course you won't be seen as a freak, you won't be laughed at in the street nor will you be made to sit at the back of the bus or refused service in a shop !! Previous answer is right, small children may poke fun at "ging-ers', (but then kids with glasses are called 4 eyes, I know !) and yes I'll admit there was a period when the media poked fun. But that was just a fad.... after all do you think The Spice Girls would have had a "Ginger Spice" if it was such a stigma ?

    I'm sure you'll have a great time when you come and that no-one will give your 'strawberry blonde' locks a second glance.

    If you want to be loud and proud.... you could always buy yourself a "Teenage Mutant Ninja Ginga" T shirt:

    Don't forget 3rd in line to the British throne Prince Harry is a ginger as was our most famous Prime Minster Sir Winston Churchill. Some other Brits whose red hair never hurt their career include:

    Paul Scholes & Wayne Rooney...Manchester Utd & England footballers (soccer to you)

    Mick Hucknel.....singer (of the band Simply Red...geddit)

    Nicola Roberts....singer (Girls Aloud)

    Shirley Manson....singer (Garbage... the band that is .... hubba hubba)

    Queen Boadicea, Queen Elizabeth I .... our warrior Queens

    King Henry VIII...... 6 wives can't all be wrong

    King Arthur know:sword in the stone,Merlin,Round Table (Red Dragon)

    Sarah Ferguson..... another (ex) Royal ginger

    Oliver Cromwell...our only dabble with being a republic was under a redhead roundhead

    Neil Kinnock..... Politician (ginger and Welsh, was still nearly PM... but wasn't)

    Anne Robinson... TV (her hair isn't her weakest link)

    Charlie Dimmock.....TV (The only reason men watched a gardening show on TV)

    Chris Evans.... TV/Radio (bit of a knob, but famously and loudly ginj)

    Patricia Hodge....Actress (A fine actress and even finer looking woman)

    Noddy Holder ...beloved 70's pop star (gets wheeled out every Xmas to sing & sell nuts)

    Steve 'Interesting' Davis..... snooker player (like pool, but with more balls)

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    Redhead? Oh no. It would be silly for someone to make fun of that. I have a friend that LOVES England and goes there occasionally. She has bright, bright red hair. You should be fine. :) Have fun in England!

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    I'm English.

    There's no campaign to "hunt the ginger girl" in England.

    The only time I've ever witnessed mocking of people with ginger hair is in primary schools. It's the same for kids who wear glasses, are really tall or have big ears.

    Nobody's going to come up to a complete stranger and spit on you because you're ginger.

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    I'm sure there are pently of redheads in England... ...I have never been there myself but I'm sure they won't go out of their way to make fun of you or try and put you down. Sorry if I'm wrong. I'm also a redhead but i don't care what people think or say.

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  • 10 years ago

    my brothers a redhead and he has not problems

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  • Anonymous
    10 years ago

    Well if you heard stories in America then it must be true...



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