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Can america become independent of energy in 20 years?

since many companies go green, do you think america become independent of energy in 20 years?

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    Big OIL controls the govt

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    For america to become energy independent in 20 years it would take SIGNIFICANT developments. America is far from independent, and has hardly enough oil to last. Even if we were allowed to drill all of the oil in america it would take well over 20 years for the policies to pass to allow that to happen. If we were somehow able to reduce out emissions and rely heavily on solar and wind energy in the next twenty years it could be possible. However, even if it could be possible it would be almost completely unlikely. With the democracy it would be nearly impossible to pass all of the laws and regulations to allow that to happen within 20 years.

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    If by independant you mean "green", then I doubt it. Big money (corporate Amerika) wont allow it. Unless there is a change in the power structure of corporate and government relations, big money will win until resources are near the point of exhaustion. We will continue to erect wind and solar farms, but who knows where that power will get sold to. Gas, aka oil companies, will likely try to stall electric or alternative fueled vehicles for some time.

    I belileve that a better guess would be that we may be free in a little more than 20 years. As more people declare their own energy independance and push government for more green energy, more big money companies will start to falter. Lets just hope that our tax dollars are not going to bail them out like it did with GM.

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    Depends... This is the thing people fail to realize we (America) can do anything we want.

    I have a test on this data tomorrow so I will share. Source is dept of energy.

    Of all the known oil in the world, the US is not even in the top 10 with only ~3%.

    We have 2.9% of the nat gas.

    We have 20.3% of the worlds coal.

    Using these resources. If we used oil and nat gas. If we extracted it all instantly with no building/extraction/transportation energy cost we would use our oil and nat gas within 10 years.

    Renewables account for 7.8% of our energy makeup, but can not handle the burden of our gross energy consuption.

    Nuclear requires security and has it own dangers and pollution.

    Coal which we could actually use to run the country is too dirty. During its boon in 1800s soot was on all buildings streets and caused many health problems (mutations&disease) in china who are building several coal plants a week.

    Hence the search for a method to make coal process more cleanly.

    But back to the start, America can still be energy independant in 20 years.

    It would require that which Americans hate sacrifice.

    1.Can't have your own vehicle that runs on oil, public transportation to reduce the creation of new vehicles and all associated energy requirements.

    2. Americans must eat lower on the food chain. More energy goes into making a pound of meat than making 500 kg of vegetables. Remember most of our grains go to animals as we eat more animals.

    3. Need to find more efficient source of energy.

    4. Reduce consumtion of material goods as they all require energy to make.

    America can do anything, but they are too selfish and greedy to give up their independance, wealth, material goods, meat with every meal.

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    Yes it can ONLY if we drill baby drill. There are huge known reserves in our country but the wacko environmental Nazis keep us from exploiting them. We rather help support middle eastern terrorist countries. That is your government at work. The wacko enviro Nazis are very wealthy people who are not affected nor do they care about the working man. They want only to keep "THEIR" environment pristine. They could care less about whether you have a job or not. They simply want their way. They want you to pay the price with your unemployment problem. Your government has become a group of elitists who on the average make about $25,000.00 a year more than the average private industry worker and can retire earlier with much higher pensions. This is why the Tea party and others are so damn mad. Can you blame them?

    Source(s): M.A. Economics 1968
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    Honestly, I don't think we will be energy independent EVER. I think within the next 20 years, we will have made some major developments toward the ultimate goal, but it may be impossible.

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    Yes, efficiency is good for the economy but not necessarily for the environment. If you do not switch away from polluting technologies like fossil fuels (including fossil fuel power that is imported from other states as California does) then Jevons paradox presents the very real risk that your efficiency improvements will actually make things worse for the environment. Of course increased wealth does tend to make more people more environmentally conscious since they can afford to care about the planet and the more money society has the more likely society is going to be to deal with its problems effectively.

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    if and only if you get rid of capitalism, modern day over-consumerism, and change people's wasteful attitudes...which i think is impossible.

    UNLESS, they capitalize on clean, renewable energy and people start changing their mindsets on over-buying & eating (factory farming causes global warming). But i doubt the big corporations & filthy rich CEOs want to give up their power just yet.

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    if only the reality could come true- it is possible but really i doubt the US will ever be kind to the earth because of greed and the meanness to own the world.

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