Funny noise from my full stomach...not hungry. Sounds like...well idk a bird?

So these last couple of days Ive been hearing this funny sound coming from my stomach. It does not sound like my stomach is growling and I know its not cause I am hungry. It actually sounds me anyways...a pigeon. You know the noise a pigeon makes...well it really sounds just like that! I hate it!

Also Ive been having a more embarrassing symptom. Gas. Horrid I thought it smelled like Amonia actuall.

Please if anyone knows what it could be I would appreciate it. I just went to the doctors a couple of week ago and cant afford to go back just for this.

If it helps Im female, 20s

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  • 10 years ago
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    well, While it could probably be a variety of things, my best guess would be IBS (irritable bowel syndrome) I only say this because I have it and when I get a flare up my tummy talks a lot. Usually it is associated with constipation and/or diarrhea. Also you didn't mention pain and IBS can hurt quite a bit at times. Gas can be a symptom of constipation or something you ate, overeating etc. I read something a while back that the main reason a "fart" stinks is diet related. Dairy is a common culprit, also oily, fatty, and fried foods. also, while raw foods tend to be better for you, some people can't handle raw veggies like cucumbers, and that can cause gas to smell. About the pigeon noises, the acids that churn in your stomach are responsible for a lot of the noises and this mechanism can also produce gas.

    My advice is to look for triggers, make sure you have a good stress relief/relaxation technique in your life, as IBS is thought to be caused at least partially by stress, kind of like ulcers, which is why one of the treatments currently is antidepressants. If it doesn't go away talk to your doctor. IBS is rarely life threatening but can be painful. Otherwise it is probably not something to be overly worried about but just listen to your body and if you have any wosening symptoms like vomiting or pain, I would deffinitely get it checked out.

    Hope I helped!

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