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Semi-Pro or Arena football?

I am looking to join a Football league. I have always wanted to play football. Since I can't just walk into the NFL I would like to do semi pro or arena. I just need to know what are the differences between the two and if anyone from experience can tell me about one or both leagues.

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    Arena 1- Pro League, were in bankruptcy but will restart the league. I think salaries got as high as 250K before they folded.

    Arena 2- Part of arena 1 smaller cities, lower pay. Defunct and not coming back.

    Semi- Pro: Pay can range anywhere from $50 (extremely low) to $1,000 (very high). Most leagues will pay around 250 a game and give a game mvp bonus.

    Most arena leagues are semi-pro (meaning one cant live off of game pay) and yes they vary in depth of talent & league competition. If you don't have a team in your city I wouldn't worry about it because moving to play a game that will pay peanuts just wont cut it. Don't have any fantasies about getting into a league, dominating it and getting an invite to an NFL or CFL camp. It doesn't happen that way and the only way you can get a tryout with a pro team(without being in college pool) is to have someone put you on with a coach.

    If it's for fun just look around for a league in your area, you may not find 11 man 100 yard league but 9 man or 6 man is just as good. Just be careful and remember Troy Aikman, Steve Young & Jerome Bettis were paid millions to take years off their life and deal with shoulder, hip & Knee replacements at early ages. That didn't hit me until I was 28 and I haven't played a snap since.

    * May sound silly, but don't pay for a tryout either. Con-artists were going around the country in the early 00's and telling guys they were starting a league with vast amounts of sponsorship dollars. They would then ask for $50- $100 bucks to defray some b.s. cost. Then after husteling a few hundred guys and as many businesses they disappear after two months with a high six figure con. Cons usually repeat tactics every 10yrs. or so.

    ** Forget that nonsense about playing in the CFL. The league limits the number of U.S. players and if you are an american playing there you are an NFL caliber player. Aren't any american stiffs getting paid high 6 figures in Canada it's just a fantasy, the league isn't that far off NFL caliber.

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    Arena leagues are typically of a higher caliber. Getting involved in one of those would require finding a tryout date via their website, or in some cases are by invitation only.

    I have played in several semi-pro leagues. They vary greatly in skill. Some are little more than a continuation of high school team, but some do get to be very competitive. In my experience the best players in semi-pro leagues receive invites to tryout for the CFL (Canadian Football League) or the arena leagues.

    It sounds like you don't have a lot of experience, or haven't played in awhile. If that's the case jumping straight into a hardcore league would not only be tough to get into, but it would be difficult over the course of the season. In my opinion, you should look to start out in a local semi-pro league.

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    Semi-pro means you are paid, but not enough to make a living. Arena is either professional or semi-pro depending on how you choose to categorize it. Personally I think if you are paid, you are a professional. Arena is an 8-man game, and most semi-pro leagues are traditional 11-man.

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    Semi pro varies, league-to-league...some are very competitive and athletic, others are little more than fancy pickup or city leagues. Arena is more competitive and tends to be players that couldnt quite cut it in the NFL but played through college.

    Semipro is probably the better one for you if you havent played in a while.

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    To be honest, I have a different opinion

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