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How to paraphrase this sentence to i can understand it?

i dont really understand these sentences, could someone please help me out for 10 points?

The Senate investigation went forward and immediately became damaging to the President in June as John Dean became the first White House staff member to admit that he had discussions with the President concerning Watergate and how to cover it up. In July things got worse as it was revealed in the Senate hearings that Nixon had a sophisticated taping system set up in the Oval Office with which he had taped all of his conversations.

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    John Dean, a White House staff member during Nixon's presidency, admitted that he and Nixon talked about covering it up. Things only went farther down the tubes for Nixon when it came out that he had taped all his conversations.

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    an investigation of the senate was conducted and immediately reflected badly on the President. John dean was the first member of the white house staff who openly admitted talking about watergate and how to cover up the scandal with President Nixon. In july, it had been revealed the President Nixon taped all of his conversations in the oval office.

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