Baseball poll: Who are 5 players on your favorite team right now that...?

Have been doing exactly what's asked them for the past week or so? Swinging the bat and/or playing good defense, or pitching well (pitchers included, obviously.) 5 guys that right now you're happy with, and would give them the gold star on their homework assignment for a job well done, and tell why you're happy with them.

And who are 5 guys you AREN'T very satisfied with? Sloppy defense, bad outings if they're pitchers, maybe if they're in a slump at the plate.. just 5 guys that aren't bringing it, and really need to START bringing it because they're starting to frustrate you a bit, and for what reasons.

So yup, let me know how you're feeling about the players on your team at this point in the season - which guys are on your good side, and which guys need to watch out. All answers welcome =) (unless you're a troll)

Here are mine:


1. Daniel Bard - Has terrific stuff in his few appearances out of the bullpen

2. Clay Buchholz - 2 consec. quality starts and the sharpest starter right now

3. Jason Varitek - Calling great games and swinging the bat well

4. Marco Scutaro - He's gotten on base a lot and his defense seems to be improving

5. Darnell McDonald - He gets better and better with each game! I love how he gives 110% for every moment that he's playing, and he keeps coming up big for the team


1. Josh Beckett - He seems to have forgotten how to pitch

2. Victor Martinez - He seems to have forgotten how to hit. And he obviously needs to work on the throwing out base-runners issue

3. Scott Schoeneweis - He gives me a heart attack every time he comes into the game

4. Hideki Okajima - Got pushed around his last couple appearances, very out-of-character for Oki

5. Scott Atchison - Same as Schoeneweis. I'm sorry, I do NOT like the Scotts.


Wow thanks for the answers everyone, these are a lot of fun to read!

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  • 10 years ago
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    1. Tim Lincecum - Obvious choice here. He hasn't had a bad outting yet, and looks primed for a Cy Young 3-peat.

    2. Barry Zito - 4th best WHIP in the majors, not to mention every start was a quality start for him. Zito finally looks like the pitcher we had expected (but still definitely not living up to the contract).

    3. Jonathan Sanchez - Looks like he's finally fulfilling that potential everyone knew he had. Averaging 12 K's per 9 IP is pretty good.

    4. Pablo Sandoval - Lead's the NL in batting average, and is the only offense the Giants have. The Panda is looking good again.

    5. Nate Schierholtz - His batting average is just as high as Sandovals, only he needs a few more at-bats to qualify as a league leader. Also, he gunned two guys down with his arm two games ago.


    1. Todd Wellemeyer - Really, really shaky start to the season. ERA went over 9, however he did show signs of improvement with his last outting.

    2. John Bowker - Had a spectactular spring like Wellemeyer, however none of that translated to the season. Batting below the Mendoza line isn't good.

    3. Eugenio Velez - Seems to have lost all life in his bat. Not good, because the Giants need a speedy runner who can get on base a lot.

    4. Mark DeRosa - Was supposed to help the offense. So far all he's done is match it which is not good.

    5. Aubrey Huff - Same as DeRosa. Was brought in to help the offense, doesn't really do it.


    1. Bruce Bochy - Last night he pulled Lincecum out of the 9th inning after one walk. Even though Lincecum was dominating the whole night. Wilson ended up losing the game for the Giants. Bad call Bochy.

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  • Anonymous
    10 years ago


    1. Brett Gardner - Gets on base often, and he steals nearly every single time he's on

    2. Andy Petite - He was supposed to be the weakest of the four main starters, but he's doing amazing

    3. Robinson Cano - Nearly .400 average and 6 home runs

    4. Jorge Posada - 5 home runs

    5. Phil Hughes - Carried a no-no into the eight last week


    1. Mark Teixeira - Ok, I know he's been a slow starter, but COME ON!

    2. Javier Vazquez - An anteater could pitch better than him

    3. Nick Johnson - He takes walks... otherwise his slump is worse than Teixera's

    4. Curtis Granderson - Had a great series at Fenway, since then he's been as cold as ice

    5. Alex Rodriguez - 2 Home Runs so far...

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  • 10 years ago


    Doing well:

    1. David Freese- 6 RBI today and playing solid defense

    2. Jaime Garcia- He doesn't pitch like a normal rookie.

    3. Colby Rasmus- Fluid defense and good run production. What else could you ask for?

    4. Yadier Molina- Has become the second-best clutch hitter on the team and he's the best defensive catcher in the game.

    5. Albert Pujols- Business as usual for Albert to start the year.

    Not doing so well:

    Brendan Ryan- Still playing great defense, but looks like a little league player at the plate.

    Skip Schumaker- His defense has been shaky and he's off to a bit of a slow start with the bat.

    Chris Carpenter- He's off to a good start but he doesn't look right. His velocity is down and command way off.

    That's about it, every one else is doing fine.

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  • 10 years ago

    You took the words out of my mouth >.<

    Since I feel like writing a bit more, I'll talk about Bard a bit. He's doing well as a setup guy. Okajima will almost kill us and Bard comes in to save the day. Plus, he hasn't even had a full year in the majors yet (came up May 2009).

    Clay has been amazing. Loved him before, love him more now :)

    Beckett has really disappointed me. We gave him the extension, and he just hasn't done as well. I don't know what is up with him...

    Only change: Not Victor Martinez, but instead, put in Beltre. Holy! Took out Jacoby for almost 3 weeks now and many errors. I want Mike Lowell on 3rd >.<

    The Scotts are bugging me too.

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  • 10 years ago

    I'm also a huge Red Sox fan, so I'll just piggy-back onto your list and add a few notes of my own. I would throw Jonathan Papelbon onto the "doing well" list. Papelbon still scares me sometimes, but he had two straight 1-2-3 inning saves in the Toronto series. And he seems to really be showing the off-speed stuff more this year, not just his 95 mph fastball. I agree completely with Daniel Bard. He's just a flamethrower in that set-up role. If he's on and Papelbon proves to be dominant again...the Red Sox aren't gonna lose very many games when leading after 7 innings.

    I like Darnell McDonald. It's a really nice story. 100% effort is something you can always count on from those career minor leaguers who finally get their chance in the big leagues. He knows he's just a fill-in roster spot while Ellsbury and Cameron are on the DL, so he's making the most of his time while he's with the team. He almost single-handedly won a game for the Red Sox in the Rangers series with that big home run and then the walk-off hit. Even if he never amounts to anything for the rest of his career, he'll always have that memory of winning a big game at a time when the team really needed a win. That's really cool to me.

    In the "doing poorly" department, I'm throwing out Adrian Beltre. I know he's hitting over .300 so far, but I think the Red Sox were counting on about 20 home runs from him this year, and so far he has zero. And his defense has been very shaky at best. Right now, I'm not really seeing that defensive upgrade over Lowell, but hopefully that will come with time. Also, J.D. Drew has been a huge disappointment with his .181 average. Let me say this about Beckett...his ERA after five starts this season...7.22. His ERA after five starts in 2009...7.22. As disappointing as he's been so far, I'm not really worried about Beckett.

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  • 10 years ago

    Doing well....

    1. Yadier Molina, playing like the best catcher in baseball and the backbone of the pitching

    2. Albert Pujols, the MVP hitting, gets runs, and playing defense

    3. Colby Rasmus, only 23 and has a ba of .344 and plays great center field

    4. David Freese, a rookie that is in the top 5 in everything with runners in scoring position

    5. Ryan Ludwick, moved to the two spot in the lineup and is getting on base

    6. Brad Penny, signed in off season and is pitching his best baseball

    7. Jamie Garcia, a rookies with an era of 1.08 and is 3-1

    8. Adam Wainwright, 4-1 and the ace of the staff

    Doing average...

    1. Skip Schumaker, hitting .214 and playing average defense

    2. Chris Carpenter, not going 7+ innings every games, but is winning

    3. Kyle Lohse, off to a rough start, but pitched well last start.

    4. Brendan Ryan, hitting very poorly, but playing great defense at ss

    5. Matt Holiday, hitting over .350 on the road, but just .180 at home.

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  • 4 years ago

    Over the next week, Im conducting a research poll to see who your favorite player is. It's just a fun research survey to see who fan's favorite players are. It can be any player from any team. A pitcher, a catcher, anyone.It does have to be a currently playing baseball player, not someone from the past(im going to make that poll after this one) I'll post the results from the previous day's results the next day. Then on the last day of the poll, I'll post the top 10 favorite player from around baseball. I'll also post the top favorite baseball player from each team as well on the last day. Im going to try to do a BQ along with the poll as well. So, who's your favorite player? :). You can also post a reason why you like this player as well if you want. BQ: Is your favorite player going to be in the All star game this year? *You can only vote once in this poll since it's fair to everyone * You can star if you like, even if you already voted in the previous day's poll

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  • 10 years ago


    1. Frank Gutierrez CF still the best defensive outfielder in the majors and hitting very well

    2. Ichiro Suzuki RF Ichiro needs no explenation

    3. Felix Hernandez P either does Felix

    4. Doug Fister P a young pitcher from the farm system, his first real shot at SP and doing an outstanding job so far.

    5. Casey Kotchman, hitting decent but his defensive skills has been absolutley life saving, hes like a cob web in the corner of 1st base


    1. Milton Bradley LF Milton is trying to hard to play long ball, its hurting his average

    2. Jose Lopez 3B has done well moving from 2nd to 3rd but his average is lower than his standards

    3. Chone Figgins 2B needs to break his slump, however he is AL 3rd in walks and steals bases and a good fielder.... productive, but not as productive as he should be....

    4. Ken Griffey DH hasn't hit a single homerun yet

    5. Ian Snell SP this guy will be gone now that Cliff Lee is back and ready to begin his season

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  • Favorite Team: Yankees

    Doing well:


    2.) Phil Hughes

    3.) Andy Pettite

    4.) Jorge Pasada

    5.) CC Sabathia

    Doing poorly:

    1.) Mark Teixeira - hasn't quite picked up yet.

    2.) Javier Vazquez - I think he will continue doing poorly.

    3.)Nick Johnson - Walks all the time.

    4.) Curtis Granderson - he was great at the start of the season, not sure what happened.

    5.) Alex Rodriguez - should be performing better by now...only 2 home runs.

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  • 10 years ago

    The Good:

    1. Robinson Cano (Since the beginning of the year I've been saying he will be MVP. What do ya' know? His BA is just below .400 and he has a AL leading 6 home runs and 15 rbi's to go with that.)

    2. Andy Pettitte (1.29 ERA, 3 wins and no losses, and 22 SO's. He's been the stud of our rotation.)

    3. Derek Jeter (Beast. 3 homers and 14 RBI's. He could be competing with Robbie for the MVP with his .306 BA.)

    4. Brett Gardner (He's doing his job and that's getting on base. He has a .310 BA and most of the hits have been infield hits. Love his speed.)

    5. Jorge Posada (Love him so far. .316 BA and 5 home runs. You can't ask for much more with your catcher.)

    The Bad:

    1. Javy Vazquez (I can't even speak about this guy. Just horrible)

    2. Teix (He usually starts off slow and his swing is coming around so I will give him a pass.)

    3. Nick Johnson (Simply not getting his hits. But he's getting on base.)

    No one else is really doing bad. A-Rod isn't getting homer, but he is hitting the ball good. Thanks for the question.

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