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Simple, CURRENT Spanish songs to teach kids?

For my Spanish class we have to do a service-learning project where we volunteer with at-risk kids in a local school. We're supposed to be teaching them a bit about Spanish and the culture, and my group decided we'd do music. The hard part is, we don't know if the kids will know Spanish...dumb, right? We're assuming that they will probably know some even though the professor said she didn't know, so what are some simple, present tense, popular songs from right now that are in Spanish? Also, what fun activities could we do with the kids to make them have fun with the music? This is a terribly planned event on behalf of the instructor, but we're trying to make the best of it! Thanks for the help!

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    Vive en una piña debajo del mar!

    Bob Esponja !

    Su cuerpo absorve y sin estallar!

    Bob Esponja !

    El me jor amigo que podrias desear!

    pin pon es un muñeco

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    Pin pon es un muñeco muy guapo de cartón, se lava sus manitas con agua y con jabón.

    Se peina con un peine muy duro de marfil y aunque se dé estirones no llora ni hace así

    Cuando come la sopa no ensucia el delantal y come con cuidado como un buen colegial.

    Apenas las estrellas empiezan a salir. Pin Pon se va a la cama y se acuesta a dormir

    Pin Pon dame la mano con un fuerte apretón, que quiero ser tu amigo Pin Pon, Pin Pon, Pin Pon

    arroz con leche

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    Arroz con leche

    me quiero casar

    con una señorita de

    San Nicolás

    que sepa tejer

    que sepa bordar

    que sepa abrir la puerta

    para ir a jugar

    yo soy la viudita

    del puente del rey

    que quiero

    casarme y no encuentro

    con quien

    con esta si

    con esta no

    con esta señorita me caso yo

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    there are a lot of songs by Shakira, Nelly Furtado, and Juanes in Spanish that are popular and would be appropriate for school (unlike reggaeton like Pitbull or Daddy Yankee). I'm not sure how simple they are lyrically. I'm not sure what to recommend, since I have no idea as to the student's level. are these highschool students or younger?

    I remember in my spanish classes in high school we listened to "fotografia" by juanes and nelly furtado. and we got a copy of the lyrics and had to listen to the song and fill in blank words.

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