having a hard time starting my 1993 Jetta can anyone help?

the can runs and drives great. the only time it has a hard time starting is when you first start it up. it has been sitting for a while( not sure how long) but i have ran it for a few days. the Jetta is an automatic and doesn't have any other problems.


when i first start it up the car acts like it is going to start and then seems like it is dying. if you pump the gas just before it dies then it will stay running for a while and then die. when it warms up a little then it runs just fine. if i shut if off and then try to start it again then it will start just fine. im so confused

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  • Briano
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    10 years ago
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    Do you hear a whine from the rear passenger side of the engine? If so then you may have a bad in0ptank pump.

    On your Jetta there is a ISV valve that is between the valve cover and the throttle body. This silver Valve is connected to the throttle body, and the Air tube. It is supposed to vibrate when the engine is running, is it?

    Lastly there is a 15 dollar part available from NAPA it is called the Coolant Temp Sensor (CTS) it is blue colored, and Tells the computer that the engine is cold and to enrichen the fuel. It is quite common for hem to go bad. The Blue CTS sensor is on the heads water outlet flange (only change it out when cold.}.

    Then you have your o2 sensor, try unplugging it and see if the car runs better, if it does then replace it. It is on the back side of the head attached to the valve cover corner on a bracket.

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  • 3 years ago

    check out what the stay away from man stated but additionally upload a bit candy speakme. I regularly deliver my VW a lil' speak and she or he regularly begins up...sure my loved ones thinks I am loopy however she hasn't left me but!! LOL

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  • 10 years ago

    is there any way we can get a broader aspect of what it's doing or not doing when you attempt a start?

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