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Anonymous asked in Politics & GovernmentLaw & Ethics · 1 decade ago

Should Physician-Assisted Suicide be legalized?

I am working on a debate for school and I was hoping that I could get 100 real peoples opinions on this act being passed. Please tell me why you believe what you do. Thanks

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    In Oregon in the Pacific Northwest of the USA doctor assisted suicide is legal although it is always under one form of legal battle battle or another. The battles are always headed by some religious organization so far Christian organizations or Churches themselves. I want to mention this is not an attack on any religion or or Christian religion for I am a Christian myself.

    Washington state has also been trying to pass similar laws. I think California may be trying to as well.

    I know that under Oregon law the person who wants to choose to end their own life must be seen by several medical doctors and professionals this include psychologists and possibly psychiatrists.

    Cases are looked at to be sure the person is indeed suffering from a terminal illness and has no chance of recovery and also that they are not clinically depressed or mentally ill, or suffering in any mental form which may impede their ability to understand what they are choosing -which is to die with the care and help of a physician.

    In fact this process of Death With Dignity actually takes time under the law and must meet certain very strict laws for doctor assisted suicide to happen.

    The reason these laws are so strict is in order to protect the individual who is ill and seeking to die with dignity with their loved ones around them-usually at home- peacefully without pain or enduring a needless and horrific ordeal in which their pain can or will sometimes not be kept safely under control and a person ends up living in agony without their dignity.

    Imagine being in the most horrible pain imaginable and then double it 200% and more.

    You have never ending un-healing bedsores with tubes in almost every orifice while losing all motor skills & possibly speech too. You have no chance at survival as your family watches helplessly as you suffer.

    You probably by now realize I support these laws as long as they are strictly upheld to protect as well as help a human being live with a knowledge that they can choose how they wish to pursue their final days with their loved ones. My reason? Seeing how my own loved ones suffered. My Grandfather and my beloved Aunt Ruth, RIP. Though neither died by Death with Dignity they did suffer greatly and my Aunt did consider if her pain worsened to consider DWD. I had never seen pain that horrible in my life and not even doctors that specialized in extreme pain control as well as specialists in the fields of Neurology they had hoped to try shutting down or retarding the pain receptors in the brain (also in the nerves too) limiting it's ability to message the brain to send "pain" to parts of the body (I don't know how else to say it) might be possible. This was very experimental as far as I know.

    When a person goes through such pain constantly as well as embarrassment over having to be cleaned by a nurse or most commonly by a family member because they can no longer tell when or if they need the restroom or cannot get out of bed they suffer, who wouldn't?

    Dignity matters to us all.

    When hope of trying to live is posible that is one thing. Terminal with death in a matter off months or weeks is another.

    What we take for granted such as just being able to eat is somtimes impossible as well depending on how someone ilness or illnesses effect them.

    In fact, I should mention that Oregon has now legalized marijuana to be sold at stores by RX. for medical purposes. It is helping many by releaving pain and even to be able to help severe nausea helping many to be able eat again & keep it down when 'normal" medications are unable to help and may possibly be much to expensive, or not covered by insurance or by Medicare/Medicaid. Some if not most experimental meds. as well as procedures (including medical procedures to ease pain or prolong life better) are not covered.

    The best thing about these laws is protection for the specific individual to make sure they know what is not only going on but also that they are protected as much as possible from old fashion greed, pettiness, and sadly abuse. Many worry ( I do too ) that some family/caregivers/others will hasten a death, under the guise that a loved one wants to end their own suffering, hoping to use this law to gain their money, estate, or just get rid of any burden to them.

    Investigations are done thoroughly yet as discreetly as possible for the person who is wishing to possibly use the option of doctor assisted suicide.

    I have included links to legitimate websites below.

    The official Oregon Death With Dignity Act website is the first link.

    Also I will mention I have met people and have heard about persons that actually disagreed or even helped fight this law and have they themselves become (unfortunately) terminally ill later on or have had to watch by the side as a loved one/friend suffered. Some after this experience changed their minds about this law - though not their religious beliefs- or stopped their challenge against the law.

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Yes. Medical science has guaranteed that people can live a lot longer through a lot more pain and suffering if they choose to do so. We already have legalized DNRs, so if people die on their own they cannot be brought back to life. So we recognize people's right to die if their bodies pop off on their own. The only problem is, diseases that used to kill us in a few days or weeks now take months or years because we no longer need to kill our food before we eat it. A bedridden person used to be able to count on being put out of their misery after a few days, now we can keep them alive for much, much longer. It's not natural. If people want to stay alive like that, that's their prerogative. I don't blame them a bit. But if they'd rather not artificially keep themselves alive, I see no problem with them being given a painless death in their sleep.

  • Russ
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    1 decade ago

    Yes. As long it is a decision based on correct information, from more than one doctor, and the person is of sound mind to make the decision. It would end suffering - and stop unnecessary medical procedures.

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  • C
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    1 decade ago

    Yes, if I make the choice to end my life, that is my prerogative. I would bypass the doctor assisted part if need be. Until you have been in those situations where the pain and torture of it consumes you, you don’t understand why some of these people choose to end their life early before the disease/cancer eats them alive.

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    Yes. A persons decision to go down that path is a very personal one, and should not be interfered with by lawyers and government hypocrites.

  • 1 decade ago

    In Oregon and Washington state it IS legal.

    There are stringent safeguards, but it eases the suffering of those who have no hope of recovery.

  • 1 decade ago

    only if Dan Lefevour says so

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