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These Dodgers suck! Mc Cheap is cheating LA out of contention?

Frank McCourt has proved to us this past offseason that the fans of Los Angeles mean nothing to him. Yes getting to the NLCS two years in a row is huge but back before Fox cursed the Dodgers, fans of this franchise expected World Series titles. But this offseason The Dodgers could have acquired at least on two seperate occasions, frontline starters. And they didn't. With pitching the obvious weakness in the Playoffs, the Dodgers did nothing to improve. Now you're going to sit there and tell us Frank McCourt that you did everything you could to improve your pitching staff? That your divorce is not putting this team in a financial headlock? That Ned Colleti, a man who doesn't get enough credit for the smart trades he's made to win these last few years has suddenly lost the knack to sign good players or pull of a trade to get a Cliff Lee or a Roy Halliday? No way Frank. I'm not buying it. So go ahead and slap us in the face and treat us like we're all so dumb that we can't see your hand in the lack of moves this past offseason. This team was close and is still close if you could get some help in that rotation. The bullpen will right itself once you have a starter or two or three that can pitch past the 5th inning. It's a darn shame that the Dodgers aren't competing year in and year out for MLB supremecy with the Yankees and Red sox. There is no excuse when you lead MLB in attendance and thrive in the 2nd largest TV market in America. The Angels and Lakers do it, why can't Frank MCCourt? It's a shame and it's a slap in the face to us fans.

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Agree or disagree?

These Dodgers suck especially

Chad Billingsley!

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    I'm not defending Frank McCourt for his lack of activity this past off season, but divorce is a financial difficulty, no matter how rich or poor they are. McCourt isn't the first Dodger owner to go through the divorce proceeding. 11 years ago, Rupert Murdoch, who owned the team via Fox, was going through the same thing, eventually settle with his ex-wife for $1.2 billion w/o giving up control of the team. He ended up selling a share of the team to Robert Daly that same year and the Dodgers finish the year with a 77-85 record, third in the NL West, despite great seasons from Gary Sheffield, Eric Karros, Raul Mondesi, and Kevin Brown. If their is a ray of light in this situation, the Dodgers improve to second place the following year, traded for Shawn Green, who still holds the Dodgers record for the most HR in a single season (49).

    The divorce preceding is hurting the team now and could face a similar fate as the team that play 11 years ago. The document in the divorce preceding indicated that their lowering payroll and raising ticket prices through 2018. However, the payroll for 2010 jump up $2 million from last season and most of their young, core offensive player won't hit the market until 2013. Of course, plans could change once the divorce is final. They stand to lose Manny to FA after this season, so their primary target on offense could be Carl Crawford, Adam Dunn, and former Dodger Jayson Werth come the 2011 season. On pitching, the Dodgers would still have a chance to get Cliff Lee without trading for him, as he is set to become the main attraction in the market. However, in a realistic standpoint, they stand to target players like Jorge De La Rosa, Tim Hudson, Ted Lilly, Kevin Millwood, Javier Vazquez, and Dontrelle Willis. Joe Torre future with the Dodgers is questionable, since his contract ends after this season, but hitting coach Don Mattingly stands to be the new manager if Torre leaves. I hope they settle the divorce soon and go toward the winning way by spending.

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    I think the problem with the Dodger is more than their owner. Other teams like the Twins lose their players but they keep winning. One reason is because the Twins have a manger that actually knows how to manage. Torre is great with dealing with players but his managerial skills are mediocre at best. Just look at his history when he's not manager of the Yankees. .605 winning percentage with the Yankees, .481 with everybody else. The Dodgers have basically the same team they had last year yet they were 14-7 after 21 games in '09 and only 8-13 this year.

    With the payroll and players he had on those Yankee teams he should have won more than the 4 titles he did. There's no way he should have lost to the Diamondbacks in '01, Marlins in '03 or Red Sox in '04.

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    its both mccourt and colletti.

    mccourt is just really getting annoying, its like seriously, just say that your broke and way in over your head. he and his wife mortgaged some fancy hollywood lifestyle on the dodgers. and now he is saying he aint broke or nothing. him saying that is him basically telling everyone in la F U C K Y O U i do what i want. ugh i hate that guy

    colletti is a turrible GM. did you see what he said about matt kemp? he basically guaranteed that when kemp's up for free agency, he's going to the yanks or boston. idk what great trades you are talking about. he traded maybe the best prospect in the minors as of now, carlos santana, for an aging 3b, blake. sure blake has been pretty good, but you dont trade away santana for blake under any circumstances. then you got tomko, schidt, andruw, mueller and idk im prolly forgeting others but this guy is just a cheap joke of a GM. its basically just mccourt's puppet. thats the only reason he still has a job.

    if it wasnt for mccourt and colletti, the dodgers shoulda had at least one ring by now. look at all the great young players on the team. they could have had halladay, lee, CC, lackey, or wolf but nope theyre broke and lying to all of us about it thinking we're too stupid to see what is really going on.

    and dont even get me started on torre....and dont hate on billz, he's actually pretty good homie


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    dude Colleti needs to retire. Frank needs to marry some1 rich and get us new pitchers. i think Blake is a great consistent 3b. i jus hope furcal comes back soon. I cant believe Kershaws game last night. hes a good pitcher but just needs to be confident in himself. he does throw nasty pitches. but do u blame him who does he really have to look up to? Kuroda and Monasterios are the only pichers w and era under 3. well JB doesnt count. grrrrr

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