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Hypothyroid. TSH up, T4 down?

I have been hypothyroid for 10yrs now. I was on 100mcg but put up to 125mcg beginning of last year but I have been feeling awful more and more for months and asked for bloods to be rechecked.

Last results were TSH - 0.27, T4 - 15.4 doctor said I was fine and wouldnt up meds even though I felt awful but I went back again last week and asked to have bloods rechecked.

My results this week were TSH gone up to 1.46 and T4 down to 13.7.

Now Im not too sure about all this but surely that means things are going in the wrong direction? I thought tsh was meant to be lower and t4 higher when you are being properly treated for hypo?

Any ideas? I really think my dose needs upping.

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    I was the same way for many years and switched forms of meds trying to find the right fit. Right now I am on westhroid which is a combination of T3 & T4 meds and seems to be the right kind for me. It is a natural thyroid med made from porcine.

    Biggest thing is you should be checking the FREE T4 & FREE T3 to make sure those levels are in the top of the range, that is usually where most people feel good.

    here is a great site with a lot of information that may help. Also make sure to ck things like Vit. D, Iron, B12 and such as all these can go haywire with a bad thyroid.

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    I am also hypothyroid and have been on levythyroxine for six years starting on 50mcg then 75mcg and am currently on 100mcg,which I have been taking for just over a year.Last month I went to the doctors as I was still feeling ill and he suggested a cholesterol check.I am now on medication statins and am feeling better already. Maybe you have something that hasn't been checked by your doctor.

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