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camcorders (SSD vs. SDHC)?

I was looking at the Samsung HMX-H200 & H205 camcorders. From what I can tell the only difference between these 2 is that the H205 has a buit-in 32Gb SSD. But buying the H200 & a 32Gb SDHC card is much cheaper. Which brings us to my question : is the SSD in any way better than a SDHC card? If so, in what way?

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    The SSD is built into the camera, and hence, irreplaceable (or very hard to replace). An SSD has faster read/write times. However, you will need a USB/firewire connector cable to transfer data, meaning that you will have a bottleneck in your transfer rate (it's only as fast as your USB/firewire connection). Plus, there's the added hassle of keeping the cable around.

    The SDHC is portable. However, it is flimsy, can be lost, and/or destroyed. Also, 32GB is a large amount, and you would need to purchase a expensive SDHC card (~$70USD) in order to match that amount of storage.

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    you cannot use a photographic SDHC card (class 2) for video. you will need the more expensive class 8 or 10 for this camera. since this camera is not in production yet, it is more likely to take the class 10. A Panasonic 32 GB class 10 card is $250 on Amazon.

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