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What has happened to our planet?!?

Everybody is using computers for everyday uses! Recycle! Plant trees! This is NOT the way that we should be living. think about what we are doing to our planet! Its absolutely horrible! Look around you, everything you see is ruining our planet! Waste of materials such as aluminum, wood, plastic, cotton, dyes. Imagine an ice cube tray. Just a plain old ice cube tray. Plastic. That plastic took machinery to break down, ground, melt, mold and cool. It burned gas to ship across the country and drive it to the store. It took gas for you to go and buy it, and it took money to purchase it! Money has caused wars, political arguments and divorces, homelessness, starvation, poorness, suicides and most of the unfortunate, negative things on earth. Why can't all the countries come together in peace and work together to put our planet back into the place it started out as... green! So do your part by doing community work, reusing your plastic bags, panting trees and flowers, walking and biking to get places, and whatever else you can do to save our world from ending!

My name is Charlotte McNeil, I am 12 in B.C. Canada and I'm very focused on saving this planet.

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    Trust me, you are not the only one out there who thinks like that. I'm in the same age group as you, and I hate it when people think kids like us can't change the world! I have a class in my school called Social Justice where we learn about things like this and how we can stop them. I don't really want to dampen your spirits on recycling stuff like bottled water, but this is usually what happens with them:

    A small place somewhere in India accepted to take all the world's empty recycled bottles, thinking they would be able to do something with them. It turns out, they can't. There is just a big pile of bottles in some remote place in India, which is ruining this small community! It's pollution that can ruin almost anything and everything. How would you like it if a big pile of bottles was right outside your door, well I bet you wouldn't. USE REUSABLE CONTAINERS! There, problem solved!

    To learn more about that, check this out:

    Youtube thumbnail

    The same thing happens when you recycle your old computers, but it goes somewhere in China, not India. And you can imagine what problems that leads to. Whenever it rains the dyes and all that stuff will drift off into streams and soil, literally poisoning water and food!

    And that's not even beginning to scratch the surface of whats happening!

    Imagine a line. Imagine it's the balance of nature. Slowly that lines starts to tilt, becoming unbalanced. Nature can fix itself, but you have to give it time. Today's people though just keep pushing and pushing nature's limit. One day, that balance is going to break. They say in the next 40 or so years if we don't stop and do anything about it. Nature is going to get rid of the problem that is ruining it, and that's us.

    Sorry if that scares you, but that's what's happening. It scared me when my Social Justice teacher told me, and it still does.

    It would be awesome to meet someone like you, who actually cares :D

    Also, sorry if it doesn't make total sense, it's just really nice to say something to someone who will listen. There is way too much stuff to tell so many people!


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    "Everybody is using computers for everyday uses" - well I suggest that you take the lead and stop right now.

    Actually less than 1% of the World's population has their own personal computer

    If you think money is the cause of everything I hope that you intend to never own any yourself.

    When you grow up a bit you'll find that reality is a bit more complicated.

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