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is there a good & affordable pet insurance ???

I adopted a cat from the shelter yesterday and I am trying to find if there is any good pet insurance company. My friend pays $150 for 2 dogs. I wonder how much it is for 1 cat ( 4 years old male )

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    there is good pet insurance out there, i have it with a company called trupanion. my vet recommended them and said they are the most straight forward and i have to agree. for just one cat, it would probably cost about 15-20 a month. you can find out by getting free quoutes on all the websites ( or others) .

    though i would say aspca is not a good pet insurance to compare to as i heard they have policy renewals every year so if something happens the first year, it wont be covered the second year because of the renewal.

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    I did a LOT of research and got insurance on my dog through ASPCA and honestly, unless you are expecting a lot of vet bills or prescriptions, I don't recommend it. Out of $300 in normal vet visits, plus the $50/month premium, I got $38 back the year I had it and I didn't renew.

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