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How was Russian Society in the early 20th century?

In addition to the wars, I would like a discussion of Russian fashion, general lifestyle and so forth..

Thank you very much!

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    In 1905, there was unrest amongst the Russian people in the nation because they did not support the Tsar at the time (Nicholas II). To gain their support, the Tsar waged war on Japan to appease the people and unite them through a nationalistic event. The war turned out bad, as the Japanese won. This loss resulted directly in a civil war. To appease the people, the Tsar established the Duma, which was a parlimentary democratic government. The Duma was the birth of the Soviets. The Tsar still mained in charge until 1917 in World War 1 when the Russians were losing the war badly. The Tsar didn't have the support of many social groups, but it did have the support of the largest, the peasants. In the war, the Tsar tried to use numbers to overcome the Germans technology and failed. Many peasants died and they came to realize that the Tsar did not care about them. The Tsar was forced to abandon the nation and a provisional government was set up by the Duma, the second in command, and they named Prince George Lvov as the leader. Eventually the period of social unrest continued and Lvov resigned and Alexsander Kerensky took over the provisional government. In 1918, the Russians were still rebelling, so a bunch of **** happened, and the Bolsheviks led by Lenin and Trotsky (a former Menshevik) took over Russia. They signed the treaty of Brest-Litovsk, a civil war ensued for the next 3 years after the war, and eventually the Soviets/Communist regime was in command until the fall of the Berlin Wall in Germany.

    General lifestyle: the women were treated like crap and the men were treated better until the second revolution of 1917 gave them equality.

    Fashion: like the rest of Europe, the aristocrats dressed the best, peasants didn't dress very well..etc.

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    it was the time of the russian empire.. Ever heard of the grand duchess anastasia?

    the russian revolution had started because cilvil war broke out due to the fact that some russians did not agree with the government and tsar of imperial russia.

    villagers used to dress in normal clothing for the era, such as casual long dresses, men wore suits, fur coats were in style for those who could afford them. The rich would wear beautiful gowns, and jewelery, and fur coats, and all in all luxurious clothing. They would have balls, and be invited to the russian royal family's balls/parties at the st peters burg palace.

    general lifestyle was the women took care of the children, the men brought in the money, if the family was poor, both man woman and children worked to increase the gross income of the family. There were taxes. The rich lived beautifully, good meals, no money problems, grand parties, nice clothes.. ect, no work most of the time

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