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Can you help me name a kitten I plan on getting?

Today I was at the pet store and I saw this kitten that I'm planning on getting. Hopefully. She's small and white with a few dark brown spots and huge bright blue eyes. I just don't know what to name her. I'm not naming her a common cat name. Those are too boring. I'm normally really good at naming animals but I hate girl names. Names I like are uncommon. Suh as, my rats name is Leroy. And my fishes name is Gilbert. So a real name just an outdated weird one pretty much. Help please?

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    Here are some:






    Go to www.petrix.com/catnames for a list of 2000 cat names from A-Z. That is where I got names for my cats. Bella and Enzo. =)

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    If you would like to consider some names, try the website below... it's a FUN site, and you can get an idea of MANY different names of real cats from around the world!

    Me… kittyslave23… I know my place.

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    how bout. Aubry, Audry, Alina (pronounced like "aleena") Angus, Ami-mai, Aja, Arbi, Ariel, Bee-bee, Buggie, Casidy, Arabella, Aurora, Beekie, Bliss, these are all of the names i love. Hope i helped :)

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    this isnt what you asked but...

    everytime you buy from a pet store you kill a shelter animals chance

    why not go look at the shelter? they have tons of cute kittens in need of a home

    as for girl names Galadriel, Sonia, Selene, Arwin,

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    Bella i really like.

    Also Azula (Azule means blue in italian)

    Nyala (my cat's name)

    Mocha (like coffee)


    But mainly, i would wait to see what her personality is like and name her accordingly. If she is wild and silly, naming her something sophisticated like "Sophia" would not sound right. And vice versa. So just get to know her and name her accordingly.

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    Name her Blu because of her big blue eyes.

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    how about your a *****,(:

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