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What do you think about the Alabama candidate Tim James saying "we speak English...learn it"?

he's calling for an end to using other languages on driver's license forms. i've been saying that except i think we need to stop using spanish on all forms.


and in automation too.

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  • Alex
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    10 years ago
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    I totally agree, as Americans we should not have to press one for English

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    I agree... my Mother and her parents arrived here in the early 1930's from Germany and though they already spoke basic English, they had lost their accents and spoke fluently by 1942 (being at war sped things up).

    MILLIONS came here from non-English speaking countries from the 1820's through today... and almost ALWAYS learn English.

    It's curious that the BIG concern is for those speaking Spanish... be they Mexican, or from the various Central / South American countries.

    And I AGREE that we need to cancel most of the government forms in multiple languages... though the drivers information is lowest on my priority... how about VOTING forms ?? You're not supposed to VOTE unless you're a citizen, and you're not supposed to be a citizen without passing an English exam !!

    EDIT - I'm an retired US Naval Officer and have lived overseas (I currently split my year between California and the Philippines) in 4 different countries for at least a year each... I learned Spanish when my Dad took an 18 month assignment in Mexico City, I learned German in high school, Russian in college, and gathered a passing knowledge of Japanese, Arabic, Korean, Tagalog, and Bisayan when I lived or deployed to those countries.

    AND YES there are ignorant Americans... but they are blessed with citizenship. Unless they want to attend college or travel overseas what need have they for a 2nd language ??

    OH, and those foreign investors in the US... THEY learn English (and often speak it far better than anyone from New Jersey or the Bronx) or pay top dollar for interpreters.

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  • 4 years ago

    Yes, you are correct they is not official language for the entire US. And you have no idea how much money that fact costs us annually. No, don't be an idiot. No one says because your cousin doest speak much english does not mean they should be deported. OBTW If your cousin is an american citizen then he's not russian. His ancestry may be russian. But he's not allowed dual citizenship. What it does say is, his parents are stupid for not teaching him the dominant language of the country he lives in. Every mexican who does not have the proper paperwork to legally live in this country SHOULD be deported. And that goes for citizens of every other nationality as well. Latin is a recognized language as well. But it's not the spoken language of any country.

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    This is the United States of America. In the United States of America, Americans speak, read, and write in English. When immigrants traditionally came through our ports legally and followed the proper process, they were required to learn English. Since there doesn't seem to be any legal immigrants anymore, they mostly now speak spanish. But being that this is the United States of America, we should quit making it so damn easy for them to enter illegally and adapt. One more thing, anyone who agrees with me is obviously either a natural born citizen of the United States, or an immigrant who put in the effort to legally become a citizen. On the other hand, anyone who calls me "racist," blasts me for being "unfair," etc. is obviously either an illegal or a disgrace to what it means to be an American. So go ahead, if your are a citizen of the country give me a thumbs up. If you are an illegal, we know what you'll do. And if I get more thumbs down than thumbs up, we really need to get cracking on deporting the illegals.

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  • 10 years ago

    I do think people who move here should learn English.

    However, legal forms need to be completely understood, and if English is a second language, they may not be. It's just logical.

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    10 years ago

    Yeah....English is the universal language. Anyone who resides here should learn it, and learn it well. I don't know or speak Spanish, but a year or so ago I went into my local Wal Mart and there were several gang-looking hispanic teenagers laughing, talking Spanish two-forty, pointing fingers at customers, laughing, etc. etc. They were disgusting. Well, I'm a 72 year old who's not afraid of much, so I walked up to them and said in my English...."Just to let you know that I'm a Spanish teacher....and I can understand everything you're saying!" Well, they moved faster than I swear they ever have in their lives. So I now use that quite often. It always works. I laugh every time I think about it was funny. By the way, I got a lot of applause from many of the customers. I'm sick of the crap they pull and think we're stupid!!!!!

  • Anonymous
    10 years ago

    Government services should be rendered in the most commonly spoken languages of the taxpayers. The governmetn serves us, not the other way around. You don't live in a free country if the government gets to tell you what language to speak. The better technology gets the less costly it will be to produce multi-lingual documents.

  • Anonymous
    10 years ago

    Right on! It is about time we quit paying to publish our ballots in both English and Spanish. What a bunch of BS.

  • Anonymous
    10 years ago

    don't necessarily think that people should have to learn english but there really needs to be a national language. i don't really care if i was forced to learn spanish, german, etc.. i could still use english as my first language but have a good enough understanding of the other language so i could communicate with anybody in this country. regardless of what the national language would be that is what we need to do. its stupid to have 5 different speaking people in a place and expect them to work something out, if they have no clue wha the other people are saying.

  • Anonymous
    10 years ago

    He has it right! I graduated from college a few months ago basically wasted 30 thousand dollars on a nursings degree because everywhere i inquire about employment they tell me that they only hire bilingual people. thats bull why should i have to facilitate their needs? there are interpreters out there for that. If you're too lazy and dumb to learn the american language than dont bother coming here i think that arizona has it right and that all states should follow suit.

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