"We speak English here" Alabama governor race?

What do you think of his stance?

I totally agree with it, in this country we speak English and while it isn't a bad thing if it isn't your first language, you should know it.

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  • Anonymous
    10 years ago
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    people that come here should learn the language

    if i lived in mexico i would learn spanish

    btw i live in the u.s. but i speak pretty good spanish

    why because i work in a restaurant and it is what is needed.

    don't you think people who immigrate here should do the same?..

    wow thumbs down are you serious?

    you have to be a liberal correct?

    i am just curious

  • 4 years ago

    i think the united states needs to make a national language, weather that language be spanish and i have to learn spanish or it be english and somebody has to learn english. i don't mind that people speak a different language in the united states but i think that they should have at least a good understanding of the english language so that they can communicate or the government needs to give more money to the schools so we can learn more than just a little spanish. i think tim jones went about this issue all wrong, seeming to blame everything on the immigrants. its not there fault. if i could i would move to france and not have to learn french and hope that everybody else will learn english, that would be really awesome.

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