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is it possible to remove one or two of the rings from my triplering mountainbike crankset to use a chainguide?

i have a truvative triple ring crankset, and i would like to use either an e13, or gamut, etc guide. is it possible to remove the inner ring to do this? and as a last minute thing, would i be able to use the outer ring as a makeshift bashguard for the time being? i have a race on friday, and im worried about losing chain tension, so its a last minute thing and i cant get all the propper equipment. Maybe if you had a suggestion for a homemade guide? im up for anything. thanks.

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    Before you get one, check if your bike has ICSG tabs. Look it up online or get a bike shop to check for you. E*thirteen LG1 is one of the best chainguides out there. If you are worried about which rings to keep get a taco guard with your chainguide.

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