What should I wear to my friends confirmation?

My friend is having her confirmation this weekend and I have no idea what to wear! Another one of her friends is coming, and she's bought a new like, $200 dress. My parents won't pay that much for a dress, and I'll probably have to wear something that I already own. I haven't got a problem with this, but none of my kind of formal and fully formal dresses fit me anyore! Please help!

3 Answers

  • 4 years ago

    Light make up. but above all just be yourself. don't flash any body parts or anything but just be comfortable. remember God sees u when u arent in any confirmations. but if you want to be wise wear a dress or some dress pants. something you would wear to a formal dinner but not the prom. let your outfit decide how you wear your hair. if you wear slacks than a lose bun with a few curls on either side of your head. if you wear a dress, just let your hair down unless its frizzy in that case u can never go wrong with a low ponytail. have fun

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  • 10 years ago

    My friend had her confirmation a couple of weeks ago actually and it wasn't really a big deal for me. I just wore a plain black sundress with an obnoxious necklace. If your friend wants you to go formal though, prom dresses are on sale since everybody has already bought theirs. Not all of them are big and frilly and such, they have plain dresses. Macy has cute ones for cheap. Just go look in some department stores!

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