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Re: the TV "judge" shows?

I've heard that the "winners" of the cases on the various TV judge shows (eg, Judge Judy, Judge Joe Brown, et al) are paid by the producers of the said shows; and the "losers" do not pay the awards from their own pockets. Is this true??

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    That is mostly true. Before the "hearing," the participants sign waivers and agree that the decision of the "court" will settle their case, and that they will not seek additional legal claims on the matter.

    Those shows are more closely related to game shows rather than actual courts. The prize money awarded is a part of the show's budget.

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    It's true. By going on the show, both sides agree to settle any real suits and both sides are paid for appearing and any awarded money is paid by the producers. The shows are actually a form of binding arbitration, not real court.

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    just to let the first guy know, judge judy and all that are small claims court.

    You dont need an attorney you can represent yourself

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    These are all actors. The cases are made up. Nothing that happens on these shows is true. Its like a play. Ever notice that no one ever has an attorney? Do you think that Judge Judy is a judge?

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